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Building Technical & Facilities Consultants in Dubai

Our Building Technical Consultancy division supports real estate owners, operators, and occupiers in their property’s strategic and technical matters. The division operates with the highest standards and with critical objectives to be met at all times, putting our clients’ requirements and interests first, delivering value-added expertise, and improving asset performance to extend the life cycle of assets through the most disciplined and diligent approach. 

Our services cover a wide range of competencies from Surveying and Audits, Techno-commercial studies, and Asset Performance and Facilities Management. We apply a collaborative and interactive approach to consider risk and opportunity, stakeholder involvement, environmental aspirations, procurement routes, and scope definition to achieve our goals.

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

What are Technical Services in Facility Management?

Technical facility management involves the efforts taken to ensure a safe and seamless operation of all the technical equipment in a facility. It includes operation and maintenance services for all the technical equipment installed in a facility. 

Land Sterling’s FM consultants specialise in technical and facility management services and help streamline the efficiency of technical equipment in a facility. Our goal is to help manage and optimise the technical equipment to reduce costs associated with the management of technical building operations. 

Why Use Our Technical Facility Management Services in Dubai?

We offer comprehensive technical facility management services where we help manage the day-to-day technical operations for a facility. We take on tasks such as preventive maintenance and regular inspections to ensure that the facilities work at their best. 

Along with keeping the equipment working efficiently, our experts ensure that the technical facility operations meet the standard fire, health, and environmental safety regulations. We take our time to do an in-depth inspection of the facility resources to ensure that the technical infrastructure keeps running smoothly and seamlessly. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Technical Facilities Management

 One of the primary goals of technical facilities management is to optimise the technical equipment and processes in a facility. The optimisation required recurring maintenance of the core technical equipment in a facility. A technical facility manager performs regular inspections of the equipment to ensure that it keeps working without problems for a long time. 

The longer equipment life with proper care reduces the maintenance costs. It also helps reduce the major maintenance risks and downtime for facility equipment and operations.  

Professional Technical & FM Consultancy

Each of our highly skilled consultants and engineers holds either degree-level qualifications or is an RICS member and has a wealth of experience in the GCC markets. This level of credibility gives our clients peace of mind that they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the built environment, building practises & contractual processes. 

Our team also consists of an in-house technology team that uses innovative and cutting-edge technologies to increase revenues for our clients while delivering a superior experience for occupiers. We serve all asset classes and provide nothing but excellence for each. We apply creativity, knowledge, and expertise to produce better outcomes for every client and individual or group affected.

Result-Oriented Analysis Approach

Our Building Technical Consulting’s strength lies in our expertise and holistic and innovative approaches to solving challenges posed by our clients. We help our customers to better understand their assets from a technical view by producing RICS-accredited reports that are easy to understand and present real-time solutions and transparent cost estimates. 

We consistently deliver timely inspections and reporting, efficient and meticulous planning, and high efficiency in communicating our outputs to clients. Our credibility, reliability, competence, and courtesy set us apart from the competition.

Our Services

  • Property Surveys & Audit
  • Building Condition Surveys
  • Building Energy Audits
  • Building Fire, Life, Health & Safety Audit
  • Building QA/QC Inspection and Audits
  • Building Structure Consultancy
  • Building Defects Investigation
  • Building Inspections & Snagging

Contact Us for Professional Technical & Facility Management Services

We take pride in our professional technical and facility management services. We have a team of certified experts who are willing to go out of their way to help offer you the best advice for managing and maintaining the technical resources in your facility. Our technical consultancy experts will ensure that all the technical operations in your facility meet the highest standards of performance and performance and efficiency.

Get in touch with us right now to get a quote for technical and facility management services for your project.


A facilities management consultant is a certified professional who helps plan and execute the facility management strategy for your building. The primary job of a facility management consultant is to help owners of a facility manage a building and its equipment in the best possible way.
Technical and facilities consultancy services ensure that all the technical and other building aspects of the facility keep working at the optimal level. Facility Management consultants offer expert advice to guide managers toward making the right facility management and maintenance decisions.
The 3 main tasks in facility management include maintaining and optimising the facilities, streamlining operations, and handling the technical processes in a facility.

Our Services

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Strategic Consultancy

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Industrial Consultancy

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Property Valuations

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Building & Facilities Consultancy

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Investment Advisory

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

Project Management & Cost Consultancy

Technical & Facilities Consultancy | Land Sterling

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