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Aerial Real Estate Inspections Via Property Drone Services

The use of drone technology in real estate has completely changed the way real estate inspections used to work. Drones offer a better way to inspect hard to reach areas of a property through high resolution images and videos. 

Land Sterling offers aerial asset inspection services with the help of state-of-the-art drone technology. Our drone inspection services cover roof inspections, project progress inspection, and the inspection of a property for insurance purposes.

We provide a 360o view of the real estate property including the places that can be difficult for you to reach in person. Our detailed aerial inspections can be quite valuable for buyers looking to invest in a commercial or residential property.  

Why Choose Our Drone Inspection services?

Property Changes Detection

Commercial and residential real estate can often undergo structural changes over time, because of various environmental factors. Drone inspections help you detect those changes so that you can get them fixed before they get worse.   

Project Progress Inspection

If you are working on a huge development project, inspecting different elements of it can be quite difficult for you. You can use our drone inspection services to learn about the project progress without wasting time or physical effort. 

Landscape Damage Inspection

Drone inspections can help you identify landscape damage issues that might affect the market value of your property. Aerial inspection makes you aware of the prominent as well as hidden landscape damages that you need to work on to maintain your property. 

Roof Damage Inspection

Our drone inspection services are especially useful for identifying roof damages. Aerial inspections of roofing structures via drones are much safer and more thorough than manual inspections.  

Exterior Damage Inspection

Drone inspections offer an easier, safer, and more effective way of doing damage inspection for the exterior of a building. We offer exterior damage inspection services for residential and commercial properties to identify defects that you need to get fixed to maintain the market value of your property. 

Best Property Drone Services for Aerial Inspections

You can start using our Aerial Drone Inspection services and begin the journey toward increased efficiency, greater safety, and reduced risk of assets. 

Our advanced drones can transmit data from potentially hazardous areas via Aerial Inspection services without risking the worker’s life and health. The process also reduces the associated costs and the number of people needed on the ground. 

By incorporating revolutionary Drone technologies, Land Sterling and GIS Drones offer an adaptable and scalable solution to inspection operations threats. Our services have been instrumental in helping the government and private sector maintain their assets to their fullest extent. 

Aerial Real-Estate Photography & Videography

Land Sterling’s drone inspection services enable you to keep up with the rapid infrastructure expansion means maintenance at the same pace. Now ensuring safety and preventing failure, a constructor’s ultimate vision has become more challenging. 

Thanks, the adoption of Drone Technology through GIS Drones, our authorized drone pilots with the necessary skills are playing a vital role in the safety and well-being of your property during the aerial inspection. 

Our advanced drones can detect visual defects and damage in flaring stack chimneys and oil-gas pipelines. They can also provide detailed inspection under a bridge or on top of a building. And all the credit goes to the high-resolution payloads like RGB and thermal sensors.

Get in touch with Land Sterling to learn more about our Property Drone services in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drone photography for real estate can prove to be valuable for marketing purposes as well as for inspections. It offers a safer way for you to look at a property from a different perspective.

The most common use cases of drones in real estate include conducting visual surveys, doing property inspections, creating 360o virtual tours, and more.

Drone surveys are great for real estate as they can easily reach area of a property that are inaccessible to the human eye. These may include high roofing structures, and other tough to reach areas of a property.