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Land Sterling offers real estate market analysis services in Dubai to investors, developers, and tenants for demand forecasting purposes. We offer expert advice based on detailed surveys, research, and file visits to find the viability of real estate investment decisions. 

We take pride in our market analysis and research capabilities. We have developed a holistic and comprehensive approach to market research that acts as our beacon when doing the real estate market analysis. 

Market Analysis | Land Sterling

Our goal is to offer our clients authentic insights into the real estate market in Dubai to facilitate their investment decision-making process. 

About Our Market Analysis Services

We evaluate real estate asset classes that are anticipated to be included in the proposed developments through focused interviews with real estate industry experts and by visiting key existing developments to identify each segment’s supply and demand dynamics.

Importance of Market Analysis for Real Estate Investments

Real estate market analysis is important for determining the current value of a property and the future increase in market value. Analysts look at factors including the location of the property and its highest and best use to determine the approximate current value for it. 

The analysis makes it easier for investors to decide when investing in residential and commercial properties. The analysts exercise the research best practices and due diligence to ensure that you have all the information you need at your disposal. 

Land Sterling has a team of certified professionals who take care of the research process on your behalf. Our research will protect you from making potentially bad investments in real estate. 

Sectors We Cover

  • Education
  • Commercial/Offices
  • Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial

The objective of Market Research in Real Estate

The critical objective of this service is to present a holistic view of demand within the leading real estate sectors of each proposed development. 

We ensure that our clients clearly understand each asset class to fine-tune their investment and development strategy. A comprehensive methodology has been developed to assess similar requirements for performing financial feasibility studies. 

Research-Driven Approach to Market Analysis 

The primary data for analysing the real estate market will be obtained through surveys, research, and field visits conducted with operators, investors, developers, tenants, and professional service providers in the respective field. The expert team will also survey several similar properties in each of the sectors related to the study, and we will study, as much as possible, the existing characteristics and designs of similar lands.

Our research analysis is based on quantitative and qualitative data and oral information to arrive at an in-depth assessment and analysis of market conditions while ensuring maximum impartiality. Secondary data will support the information as appropriate.

Professional Real Estate Market Analysts in Dubai, UAE

Land Sterling is a RERA-regulated real estate solutions provider with expertise in market analysis for demand forecasting. The insights that you get from our research can prove to be valuable in making the right call when investing in real estate. We conduct detailed surveys and interviews during the research phase so that you can have all the facts lined up in front of you before you finalise an investment decision. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our Market Analysis and research services in Dubai, UAE.


Market analysis is about analysing a real estate market sector to find the demand for a particular development project that the client is interested in. The research can also help find the costs associated with real estate investment and development.
Market analysis is about finding the factors that might affect a property’s value. It is also about figuring out the long-term feasibility of a real estate investment decision.
The time for conducting market analysis for real estate depends on the length and complexity of the project. Hiring a professional market analysis company can help speed up the process.
The cost for conducting a comparative market analysis or a CMA would depend on the location and the complexity of the project. You can contact Land Sterling to get a quote for a market analysis for your specific project.

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