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Property Lease Advisory Services in Dubai

Land Sterling is the leading property lease advisory service in Dubai with expertise in lease structuring, rent reviews, and lease renewals. We offer our lease advisory services to property owners and tenants to ensure a transparent establishment of a leasing system between the parties. 

Land Sterling has a team of leasing advisory experts with 12+ years of industry experience. We offer property owners and landlords insights into managing their property effectively while maximising the rent. 

Lease Advisory | Land Sterling

We also help tenants realise their business expansion plans by choosing the right location and negotiating the lease terms for them. Our advisory services are custom-centric with a focus on adding value to each project.

Why Choose Our Lease Advisory Services?

Our team of Leasing Advisors provides assistance and guidance whether you are an owner or an occupier of:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail 
  • Office properties

For landlords, we ensure that their properties are well managed and rented. We will also investigate the structure of leases and aspects of the property to have the right mix for maximizing potential annual rent.

For tenants, we analyse their business expansion plans, find the right property in the right location, and negotiate lease terms on their behalf.

Our Expertise

We provide expert lease advisory services where we negotiate on the behalf of the landlord or the tenant. Our goal is to get our clients the best lease terms that they can get on the market. 

We specialize in all leasing-related aspects to streamline the implementation of strategic asset management initiatives.

Lease Restructuring & Renewals

We help landlords and tenants negotiate the right lease restructuring terms that mutually benefit both parties. When it comes to redefining a lease because of unexpected circumstances, you want an expert to be presented in the room who you can trust to protect your interests. Land Sterling helps with lease restructuring and renewals while protecting the best interests of the landlord and the tenants.

Rent Reviews Advisory

We offer rent review advisory services to landlords based on the current market data and trends. We identify opportunities for rental growth and help landlords get to an achievable rent range. We conduct rent reviews on our client’s behalf to alter the existing lease terms while coming up with newer ones that reflect your best current and future interests.

Expert Property Lease Advisory in Dubai, UAE

Lease advisory services carry great value for landlords and tenants as they are meant to protect the interests of all parties involved. We help conduct effective leasing terms for our clients along with offering services such as lease restructuring and rent reviews. Land Sterling also offers lease exit services for clients looking for a lease exit strategy. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our Lease Advisory services in Dubai, UAE.


A leaseholder is a person who owns a property on a lease. You have to pay an agreed-upon amount on a monthly basis to keep using the property.

Selling a leasehold property can be a bit more complicated because of the paperwork involved in the process. Land Sterling has a team of lease advisory experts who can offer you guidance regarding the entire process.

In most cases, leaseholders are responsible for paying for repairs and maintenance of the property.

The purpose of leasing is to guarantee the landlord regular payments for the use of a property by the leaseholder, for a specific period in exchange.

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Lease Advisory | Land Sterling

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