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Best Sales & Leasing Brokerage Services in Dubai

Land Sterling Properties is the independent brokerage arm of Land Sterling. We provide a complete array of brokerage services from buying, selling, managing, and monitoring properties across the globe. We offer sales and leasing in Dubai to ensure a reliable sale and purchase of a real estate in Dubai, UAE. With the combined local knowledge and global expertise in real estate of Land Sterling, we are revolutionising the way properties are bought and sold in MENA. 

From market evaluations to closing the deal, we are with you every step of the way to make each transaction go smoothly and easily, answering all your questions and taking care of every detail.

Land Sterling Properties

With more than 100 years of cumulative experience in the UAE, Saudi, and UK Real Estate markets, Land Sterling is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning firm. Land Sterling Properties is a progressive real estate brokerage division based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We’ve built our success by keeping our clients at the heart of everything we do. 

Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling
Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

We’ve built our success by keeping our clients at the heart of everything we do.

We understand that clients are not just looking to purchase or rent a property, but a home to make memories in.  We instill passion and empathy into our real estate consultants so that they understand the importance of moving or investing from a client’s perspective.

An expert team you can trust.

We know that real estate decisions are difficult, and we are confident in our expertise to help you make the right property decisions. We are proud to say that our responsibility is to locate the right property and ensure the process is as smooth and enjoyable for every client.

Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling
Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

Why choose Land Sterling?

Our team is diligent, professional, diverse, and ready to cater to your every property need. We won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied with our service. We are trusted by our clients, accessible, and always within reach. Our real estate consultants are handpicked and trained to represent our brand and your interests professionally. We bring to the table unrivalled community expertise across the local markets. 

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Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

Professional Residential & Commercial Brokerage Services

We offer expert assistance to new and seasoned property buyers in leasing and purchasing a property. We have a team of RERA-regulated professionals who pay special attention to your specific real estate requirements to ensure that you get the right deal for your investment.

Land sterling has a reputation for being thorough and transparent in its approach. Our sales and leasing brokerage division work hand in hand with concerned parties to facilitate a fair deal for real estate leasing or sale.

Our Services Cover the Following Real Estate Areas

  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Investments
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

What Makes Land Sterling Stand Out

14+ Years of Industry Experience

Land Sterling has been a part of Dubai’s real estate market for 14+ years. Throughout our years of professional service, we have helped real estate investors land great deals for their investments.

We also help businesses looking to lease a property for business operations. We conduct lease brokerage for our clients to ensure that they get the best deal for the lease.

RICS-Certified Team

We have a team of RERA-regulated professionals who are great at understanding sales and leasing requirements for our clients. They work with you through each step of the way while offering you expert recommendations regarding real estate sales and leasing.

Being a RERA-regulated firm, Land Sterling doesn’t compromise on the quality of services. We have a reputation for being thorough in our approach which enables us to deliver an unmatched quality of services.

10,000+ Real Estate Projects Completed

Our confidence is backed by our practical real estate industry experience. We have completed 10,000+ real estate investment, development, and property management projects covering all the major industry sectors in Dubai. We specialise in the sales and leasing brokerage for commercial as well as residential real estate to ensure the best return on your investment.

Collaborative & Communicative Team

Our trained professionals keep you updated each step of the way throughout the project lifecycle. We believe in communication and transparency. We make sure to keep the communication channels open while we work on securing the right real estate sales or leasing deal for you.

We work with all parties involved on your behalf while conducting due diligence from our end to ensure that the deal you are getting is capable of meeting your long-term operational requirements.

Real Estate Sales & Leasing Brokerage Experts in Dubai

Land Sterling is a leading sales and leasing brokerage services company in Dubai with expertise in finding and brokering the right sales and leasing deals for investors. We research on your behalf to ensure that you get the right deal for your investment that is capable of bringing in long-term positive gains.

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our sales and leasing brokerage services in Dubai, UAE.

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Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

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Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

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Sales & Leasing Brokerage | Land Sterling

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Frequently Asked Questions

The United Arab Emirates is a tax-less country, so no taxes on property or income are generated. However, the property owner is responsible for the annual maintenance fee and service charge payments, which must be made to the management company hired by the owner’s association. Payments are made between one to four times yearly at an average price of AED10-AED30 per sq. ft, depending on the project and services included.

As per Law No. 85 of 2006 regarding the regulation of real estate brokers, these are some of the requirements for brokerages in the emirate: Have an appropriate trade license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The brokerage company and all its brokers must be registered with the RERA. Upon registration, the agency is given an Office Registration Number (ORN), and its agents are given a Broker Registration Numbers (BRN). To be registered with the RERA, all agents of a brokerage company need a certificate from the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) and must pass a professional test, administered by the RERA. Brokers must comply with a Code of Ethics published by the RERA.

The Dubai market is a melting pot of cultures, and it can be a daunting task for those new to the country. It is difficult to trace down who is responsible if something goes wrong in a property deal. Real estate agencies act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and as such, there is a clear account of who is responsible, and both buyer and seller know where to turn when something goes wrong. Not all agents in the market are registered, and homeowners and tenants must ensure they are dealing with a registered agent to safeguard their assets.

As intermediaries, agencies are ethically obliged to work out a deal that is in the best interest of both parties. For example, the agency is responsible for collecting a deposit from the buyer and holding on to it until final payments are made to the seller. The buyer can be assured that they will receive the deposit back if something goes wrong with the deal on the part of the seller. Meanwhile, the seller is assured that they will be compensated if the deal is cancelled on the buyer’s part.

Freehold property refers to the type of property purchase, where the buyer owns the plot and the unit. They are the landowner and have the title deed under his name. An heir can inherit a freehold property from the title deed holder. The owner of a freehold property is entitled to lease, occupy or sell their property. The owner can use the property for any purpose as long as it is in accordance with the local rules and regulations. Freehold properties were introduced here to encourage foreign investment in Dubai. The most popular freehold areas for expats to purchase property include Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Al Barsha, and Palm Jumeirah.

Oqood refers to contracts in Arabic and is an online service by Emirates Real Estate Solutions for developers. It helps with the property registration process between the developers and buyers.

An off-plan property refers to a property whose construction is yet to begin or is in its preliminary stages.

DLD is the abbreviation for Dubai Land Department. It is the regulatory body of the government that deals with all property and real estate-related legislation, organisation, and services for any real estate transactions in Dubai.

A DLD Waiver is the waiver of the DLD fee levied on property purchases. The DLD Fee is 4% of the property value and is payable by the buyer. Ergo a DLD Waiver means the buyer does not pay this fee, and the developer instead pays it.

Freehold means complete property ownership by the buyer who will have his name on the title deed. At the same time, leasehold refers to having the property on lease for more than ten years and up to 99 years. It cannot be bought completely.

RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Agency and is part of the DLD that takes care of the regulations in the real estate industry in Dubai. It is in charge of handling the relationships between all parties of a contract and organises the exchange process of the properties.

DEWA is the abbreviation for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It is in charge of the electricity and water supply in Dubai.

In most instances, the transaction process goes as follows:

Buyer chooses the property.

Buyer and seller sign the sales and purchase agreement, where all the terms and conditions of the deal are mentioned: the purchase price, additional expenses (agency fee, transfer fee at the DLD, developer’s fee, service charge refund, etc.), the transfer date of the deal at the DLD, terms of payment and clearly-defined responsibilities and penalties for both parties in case they fail to uphold the conditions set out in the agreement.

On signing the agreement, the buyer pays the deposit. This is usually 10% of the purchase price. The seller applies for a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the developer to sell the property. The NOC is required for the transfer process at the DLD.

Once the NOC is ready, the buyer and seller can transfer the property and register it in the buyer’s name. Usually, payments need to be made at the time of registration.

If buying a property directly from the developer, the SPA is signed. The Sales Purchase Agreement, or SPA, is an important document you sign with the developer that has all the agreed terms and conditions about the sale transaction.

Once all the required documents are in order, it takes an average of 30 minutes to register a sale.

Buyers/owners of properties can get a legal proxy with a proper and duly legalised power of attorney. This person with the POA can have the right to dispose of the properties on behalf of the client, as mentioned in the POA. The POA is valid for purposes like sale, mortgage, and gifting and is valid for two years. In the case of purchasing with a POA, the said POA is valid for five years from the date of notarisation at the notary public.

Yes, you can sell an off-plan property before its completion date.

A buyer is eligible for a UAE investor visa if his total investment is AED 1 million or above in one of three properties.

Yes, you can mortgage a property in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is a tax-less country, so there are no taxes on property or any income generated. However, the property owner is responsible for the annual maintenance fee and service charge payments, which must be made to the management company hired by the owner’s association. Payments are made between one to four times yearly at an average price of AED10-AED30 per sq. ft, depending on the project and services included.