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Expert Asset Valuation Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Land Sterling is the leading asset valuation services company in Dubai with expertise in conducting intensive asset valuations across all major industry sectors in Dubai. 

We have a team of RICS-certified valuers who understand the ins and outs of asset valuation. Our asset valuation services help determine the current market value of all the assets currently installed for your business operations.

With our asset valuation expertise, you can learn about the right value for all your assets for insurance and financial reporting purposes. Our valuers use a holistic inspection approach that involves a detailed inspection of the current state of an asset along with details regarding its market value.  

What is Asset Valuation?

Asset valuation is the process of calculating the current market value of the assets of a business. These assets may include buildings, equipment, fleet, and even stocks and shares. 

Land Sterling has a team of professional valuers who are experts at handling large-scale valuations. We analyse the complete inventory of assets that a business owns and conduct a detailed valuation based on the current state of the assets as well as the market pricing trends. 

Asset Valuation | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

Reasons for Doing Asset Valuation

The primary idea of asset valuation is to find the right place for the assets of a business. This information proves to be valuable when it comes to buying new assets or selling capital.

Asset valuation is also done before applying for loan applications. Businesses are required to provide an asset valuation report that financial institutions use as collateral in case of debt default. 

Asset valuation is a part of most financial reports that you create for a business including balance sheets and other accounting documents. Every business valuation and audit includes asset valuation as one of the primary components of it

Plant & Machinery Valuation

Our team of valuers possesses the expertise and experience required to value the full spectrum of plant and machinery-based sectors and can handle projects of all sizes. 

We understand that valuations require insights from a high caliber, extensively experienced valuer, with the ability to take on this sensitive task with utmost professionalism. It is for this reason that we have developed a team of passionate valuers who are focused on developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

The Land Sterling Plant and Machinery Valuation Division deliver its quality services across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond. Our P&M valuers provide well-defined asset valuation services through competence, experience, and excellence. Above all, our P&M Division delivers a fully-fledged valuation solution package in line with international standards and best practices.

Our professional valuers have the combined technical and practical industrial experience across all industry sectors to undertake a reliable and accurate valuation service. Land Sterling offers in-depth knowledge and experience of all asset categories of plant and machinery across all industry sectors.

Fleet Valuation

At Land Sterling, we have an expert team of surveyors who specialise in conducting an independent valuation of automobiles, construction equipment, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles.

Our capabilities include:

  • Car Valuations
  • LTV & HTV Valuations
  • Construction Vehicle Valuations
  • Truck & Trailer Valuations
  • Logistics Related Vehicle Valuations

We prepare accurate automobile valuation reports for any requirement with the help of our experts who have precise knowledge of specifications that are up to date such as engine types, chassis, make, model, etc., and are equipped with technical know-how.

Service Delivery Process

Client Valuation Instruction

Your request for a valuation is treated with all the attention and urgency it deserves and sets the tone of the valuation process.

Field Survey / Inspection

On-site data collection and recording of valuation data. It involves asset identification and determining their physical condition.

Valuation Analysis & Reporting

Collation of attributes affecting the value of the assets and preparation of the draft report.

Final Valuation Report

Involves consultative meetings with the client and the production of the final report.

Purpose of Valuation:

  • Acquisitions & Disposals
  • Bank Finance
  • Company Accounts/ Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Insolvency & Liquidations
  • Insurance
  • Legal Disputes
  • Market valuations/assessments
  • Mergers & Demergers

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Land Sterling takes pride in being the most trusted source for asset valuation services in Dubai, UAE. Our asset valuation services span all major industries in UAE. We specialise in coming up with custom-specific valuation methods that help streamline the entire valuation process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main idea behind the valuation process is to find an accurate estimate for the value of assets that a business owns. A valuation can prove to be helpful when it comes to buying or selling assets.

Valuation services determine the value of assets of a business for purposes such as mergers, acquisitions, taxation, compliance, financial reporting, and dispute resolution.

An asset valuer is a certified professional who specialises in determining the value of an asset. The asset can be the buildings owned by a business, the equipment, and more.

Asset valuation helps find the right price for buying or selling an asset. It is a beneficial process for both buyers and sellers as it helps them get a fair deal for the selling or purchasing of assets.