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Asset Coding & Tagging Company in Dubai

Asset coding and tagging process help simplify the asset tracking process across the entire organisation. Land Sterling Asset Coding and Tagging services to streamline the assets and inventory tracking process for asset owners. 

With our asset tags, you will be able to always learn about the position of all the installed assets. We also provide an integrated asset tracking software that keeps track of the asset maintenance needs as well as the downtime for improving business processes.

Land Sterling provides asset coding and tagging services as a means to enhance asset security and streamline maintenance tasks. Our asset tags also record details such as the asset maintenance history and other useful information that you can use to stay on top of the current state of owned assets 24/7. 

Asset Coding & Tagging | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

What is Asset Coding & Tagging?

This exercise involves apportioning asset numbers or barcodes for each asset per the customer’s needs; printing asset tags of various materials such as metallic, tamperproof synthetic tags or labels to suit ‘the customer’s requirements.

Asset tagging helps track your assets so that you know where they are positioned at all times, with each asset tag customised to your company profile.

  • Simplifying tracking of assets inventory across the whole organisation.
  • Asset tracking software provides comprehensive tracking of maintenance and downtime.
  • Enabling businesses to track costs.
  • They help prevent theft and movement of the asset
  • It also provides maintenance history for assets and any other necessary details.

Asset Tags & Their Benefits for Businesses

Asset tagging is the process of affixing labels or tags on company assets to keep track of them individually and track useful data about them including current location and the asset’s maintenance history. 

The primary idea behind asset tagging is to open new ways of data tracking for businesses. An asset tag can provide you with valuable insights regarding your company assets including real-time location, users, maintenance schedules, and the depreciation value. 

These insights can help you in determining the future usability of the assets along with conducting timely maintenance to prolong the asset’s life.

Best Asset Coding & Tagging Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Land Sterling takes pride in delivering unparalleled quality services. We offer asset register reconciliation to ensure that you have all the details regarding your assets at your fingertips. We handle the asset register reconciliation process for you so that you don’t have to worry about handling these nuances yourself. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our asset register reconciliation services in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

An asset tag should contain information including the serial number, the name of the manufacturer, the date of purchase, the location of the asset, its condition, and its value. It can also contain additional information as per the specific needs of a business.

Without tagging the assets, it can become quite hard for you to keep track of the availability of the assets. It can also make your assets more prone to theft and can even cause increased downtime because of untimely maintenance.

Asset tags help businesses keep track of the location and the availability of the owned assets. These tags provide useful information regarding the maintenance schedules for assets to ensure their optimal performance for a longer period of time.

Asset tags are created by the user of an asset whereas a serial number is a unique identifier provided by the manufacturer of the asset.