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Best Property Management Company in Dubai

Land Sterling is a comprehensive property management company in Dubai with expertise in property management services, FM services supervision, MEP services supervision, and soft services supervision.

We have a team of trained professionals who handle property management processes. We create custom real estate management solutions for property owners to streamline management tasks.

Our goal is to take the management pressure off the shoulders of property owners by offering holistic and customer-centric property management solutions. Land Sterling’s management experts offer recommendations for the optimal use of the property resources while increasing the return on your investment.

Expert Property Management in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah

The Land Sterling Property Management division has a combined global experience of over 100 years in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. We strongly understand local rules and regulations in the region, and we fully understand landlord and tenant requirements.

We see property management as the art of protecting the investment cycle of our client’s assets. Therefore, we ensure that their portfolios perform at maximum capacity.

What makes us different?

Property Management | Land Sterling

Energy Saving Solutions

We offer a full range of energy-efficient solutions that focus on the key elements of a building, such as HVAC, controls & automation, lighting, and pumps and motors. Our ultimate goals are to drive down costs, reduce the environmental impact, and meet the unique needs of our clients.

CRM & Use of Technology

We use state-of-the-art Client Relationship Management software to control all aspects of the asset, whether for leasing, marketing, booking, logging maintenance requests or even financial management.

Property management
Property management

Owners & Tenants Portal

We provide our clients with an online platform and mobile apps allowing owners to access reports on demand and tenants to register maintenance requests through their dedicated portal.

Monthly Reports

We issue monthly reports highlighting preventive maintenance activities, corrective work orders, and ongoing and completed tasks. In addition, the information includes financial data on material and labour costs along with the monthly invoices.

Property Management | Land Sterling
Property Management | Land Sterling

FM Supervision

We supervise facility management of operation, corrective and preventive maintenance work for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our facility management team has the knowledge, expertise, processes, and technologies to ensure that facility management meets international standards.

Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

Tenants Screening

Land Sterling offers tenant screening services to ensure that you get the right tenants for your property. Having tenants who are likely to cause problems for you in the future can prove to be quite counterproductive. Land Sterling has a strict screening process that every tenant must go through before they can get your place for rent.

Rentals Marketing

Our property managers are skilled at marketing the place. We come up with effective rental marketing strategies that help fill up the place much faster. We use local market research to find a competitive price for the rent while keeping your best interests in terms of profit margins at heart.

Increased Occupancy Rates

The goal of our property consultancy services is to enhance the occupancy rates for your property. We do that through strategic rental marketing and by supervising the services provided by the property. We supervise everything from the tenant agreements to facilities as well as the MEP systems in a building to maximise efficiency.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is a challenging endeavour that can often become quite difficult. We set up systems to ensure consistent rent collections across time. And if a tenant can’t seem to pay the rent on time, our managers deal with the situation on your behalf.

Peace of Mind

The idea behind our real estate management services is to offer you a better way to manage your property, without all the hassle. We help minimise the real estate management headaches for you by taking over the management and supervision tasks on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property management helps you manage your entire facility and all its assets. They handle the tenancy-related tasks as well as legal and regulatory processes on your behalf while ensuring positive returns for you in the long run.

Every country has its own laws regulating property managers and their activities.

The primary duty of a property manager is to maximise the return on investment on the property as per the instructions provided by the property owner.

The 4 most common types of property management in terms of property types include residential, commercial, industrial, and special purpose property management.

As a leading property management company in Dubai, UAE we offer a wide range of services to property owners and investors. These services aim to maximize the value and efficiency of managing properties. Services include: property management services, FM services supervision, MEP services supervision, and soft services supervision.

Hiring a real estate management company in Dubai can save you time and effort by handling day-to-day property management tasks. They also bring expertise in Dubai’s real estate market, helping you maximize your property’s potential.

Hiring a private property management company ensures efficient day-to-day operations, reduces the workload on property owners, and often leads to increased property value and tenant satisfaction.