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Property Master Planning Services in Dubai

Land Sterling is Dubai’s leading master planning services company that offers a comprehensive master plan for commercial and residential development projects. Our master planning is meant to help building owners determine their goals and design an action plan to achieve them in record time. 

We use a detailed research and analysis methodology to come up with the right master plan for every development project. We offer guidance in the development of a roadmap for completing a development master plan in a seamless way.

We take pride in our holistic approach to master planning that has enables us to complete a myriad of real estate development projects with 100% success. We aim to streamline the decision-making process and achieve predictability in real estate development projects.

Master Planning | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

Benefits of Master Planning in Real Estate Development

A master plan is a roadmap for current and future development decisions for a project. It serves as a guide for real estate investors and ends users as it gives them predictability as to what to expect from the project during all development phases.

Master planning involves the estimation of project costs and the timeline for project completion. Once these basic parameters are established, a master plan contains the set of steps you need to take to meet the project goals. 

Land Sterling has over a decade of experience in working on residential and large-scale commercial development projects. We help our clients come up with the right master plan for development purposes that helps them meet their goals with maximum success. 

Expert Master Planning Services

We are an international multidisciplinary team that understands and deliver clients’ objectives. The key objective of this service is to present a holistic view of the smart Master Plan.

  • Simple clear programmers
  • Comprehensive, research-based strategies
  • Integrated design solutions
  • Collaborative services

Results-Oriented Property Development Master Planning

Land Sterling is a leading property development master planning services company in Dubai with 14+ years of industry experience. Our RICS-certified research experts use a results-oriented master planning approach that helps our clients get what they want, in record time. We use research-based strategies to create a collaborative environment for all parties involved for successful development project completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benchmarking in real estate is about using a standard of measurement to analyse the financial details related to a real estate investment. The purpose of this analysis is to see whether a real estate development project is worth pursuing or not.

The 4 steps of benchmarking include the assessment of the current state, benchmarking participant identification, comparative analysis, and strategic prognosis. Our experts at Land Sterling specialise in conducting custom benchmarking for real estate development projects based on the standard benchmarking model.

The purpose of benchmarking analysis for real estate development projects is to find and understand success factors for a development project. Along with that, benchmarking helps understand the real estate developmental milestones and the financial aspects of the development process.