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Best Soft Services Supervision in Dubai

Land Sterling offers soft services supervision for facilities to maintain a healthy and safe living space for people living in the facility. Our soft supervision services ensure that your facility remains clean, safe, and facilitative for the tenants. 

Land Sterling has a team of soft services supervisors who oversee the management tasks for soft services in a facility. Our services cover everything from managing the cleaning crew to managing the security of the place.

We offer customer-oriented soft services supervision based on the property owner’s recommendations. Our services are aimed at helping property owners create a pleasant living environment for their tenants while ensuring an improved quality of life. 

What Are Soft Services in Facility Management?

Soft facilities in facility management include services that make a facility a great place to be in for the tenants. The soft services may include the steps that you take to make the place more secure, cleaner, and more efficient. 

A well-maintained facility creates a positive impression in the minds of potential tenants. It also has the potential to increase your occupancy rates. If your facility is clean and offers a great quality of life, you can expect a higher return on your investments. 

Land Sterling offers expert recommendations when it comes to managing and maintaining the soft services in a facility. We oversee the management of the soft service for your facility to ensure that everything works the way it should. 

Soft Services Supervision

Our facilities management supervision includes:

  • Pest Control
  • Security
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning

Property Vital Functions (KPI’s)

We ensure that all services are done to achieve our KPIs based on property vital functions such as

  • Occupancy
  • Rent Collection
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Facility Management
  • Revenue Growth

Professional Soft Services Supervision in Dubai

Land Sterling takes pride in being the leading soft services supervision company in Dubai. We have a team of trained professionals who specialise in all the soft services supervision aspects. We handle the supervision tasks on your behalf to ensure the efficiency of the services offered by a facility. Our services are backed by our 14+ years of industry experience which enables us to deliver an unparalleled quality of services for soft services supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

A soft services supervisor is an individual who manages and oversees the services related to the quality of life of tenants in a facility. These facilities include cleaning of the facility, security issues, parking, landscaping, and more. The primary responsibility of a soft services supervisor is to create a more pleasant living experience for the tenants.

Soft services in a facility are the ones that are associated with creating a pleasant living environment for the tenants. The hard services are the ones that can’t be separated from the facility and directly relate to the fabric of the facility. These services include HVAC, building safety, building maintenance, and more.

Some of the most common examples of soft services include landscaping, parking, cleaning, water management, catering, and security.

Soft housekeeping is about managing the soft services in a house including cleaning, water management, and landscaping.