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Best Property Design Management Services in Dubai

Land Sterling is a trusted property design management services company in Dubai with 14+ years of industry experience. We specialise in creating customer-centric design solutions that help property owners meet their goals. 

Being associated with the Dubai real estate market for over a decade, we gathered extensive experience in creating innovative property design solutions.

Our experts work with clients and developers in close quarters to streamline the design inception, creation, management, and implementation process.

Design Management | Land Sterling

Sunjay Shanker MRICS

Director of Project Management

Design Management | Land Sterling
Design Management 1 Land Sterling

Engineering & Design

Our team of design experts provide specialist engineering support that are cost-effective, efficient and sustainable within an environment where project risks are well managed. Fit-for-purpose technical solutions coupled with cutting-edge-know how has fostered our reputation for engineering excellence within the industry.

Design Management | Land Sterling
Design Management 2 Land Sterling

Value Engineering

Maximizing value is an integral part of the project lifecycle and hugely beneficial for clients when applied to the construction process. One of our many goals is to create the best possible value for our clients. We will carefully consider all aspects of the project when offering value engineering options. Land Sterling will work collaboratively with the client and architect to apply various cost-saving techniques. This approach to building design allows us to find opportunities to enhance efficiencies without scrimping on integrity or overall quality of the construction project.

Design Management | Land Sterling
Design Management 3 Land Sterling

BIM Implementation

Digitalization is rapidly changing our tools, forms of organization and processes. The BIM model offers numerous advantages to the planning, designing and coordination of construction projects. This technology helps to maximize the usefulness for multi-disciplinary collaboration required to deliver complex projects. Drawings, schedules and quantities can be produced directly from a BIM model and thus, improved overall management and the ability to track design development.

What is Design Management in Real Estate?

Design in property management is the process of creating a solution for a project brief and then preparing guidelines to implement the proposed solution. 

Design management is the process of managing the proposed design through the execution/implementation cycle of the project.

Land Sterling offers comprehensive design management services where we create innovative engineering designs for properties that deliver the best results. Once the design is created, we offer design implementation advice backed by an in-depth project analysis.

What is a Design Manager?

A design manager plays an enabling or a co-ordinating role in real estate development. The design manager doesn’t create the designs. Their job is to ensure that the designs approved by property owners are implemented in the right way. 

The primary responsibility of a design manager is to ensure seamless communication between all parties involved. They have the duty to analyse the feasibility of proposed designs to ensure that they are practical and carry minimum medium to long-term risk. 

Design managers offer their contributions during the planning and coordination phase to add value to the design implementation process.

Innovative Design Management Solutions  

Armed with years of experience in construction and real estate, Land Sterling drives multi-disciplinary design teams to meet project deliverables. From the outset, our design management strategies are intended to align with the client’s business strategy, financial models, and goals. 

Our enhanced layer of expertise; where close collaboration and knowledge-share are prioritized will ensure that all relevant stakeholder requirements are recorded and actioned at every juncture. 

Our team will always draw from technical and practical experience to deliver effective information flow on any project. By interrogating the project from the very beginning, we can ensure full coordination across disciplines and that any scope gaps are identified and properly managed.

Engineering Design

Land Sterling’s team of design experts provides specialist technical and engineering support to the consultant team throughout all design and implementation stages of a project.  We monitor code compliance and optimise build quality through the implementation of robust construction.

Value Management

Genuine value management is at the heart of our core design services – our experienced team analyse and interrogates projects through all stages to attain the best possible outcomes in relation to time, cost, and quality.

We provide design & peer reviews to enhance and streamline operational functionality – optimising efficiencies and spatial adjacencies to mitigate superfluous areas whilst protecting key amenities and logistics.

Our design and delivery teams also undertake technical audits that comprise buildability reviews & ‘true’ value-engineering workshops – that focus on the improvement of build quality balanced with cost-optimisation.

We promote a value-driven approach to cost management during the design process to retain value and protect the client’s assets. Throughout these processes, we work proactively with the consultant team in developing bespoke and engineered solutions catered to suit unique project requirements.

Whilst a key component of our complete project management offering, we also offer these specialisms as stand-alone services.

Design Implementation

We manage, interrogate, and audit BIM implementation throughout the design process, facilitating a fully collaborative, coordinated, live, and cloud-based working environment. Customised model simulations inform active clash detection & resolution reviews and expedite the production of coordinated construction documentation.  

The information and data also provide a critical management tool that enables Land Sterling to undertake real-time design reviews and pre-emptive buildability analyses – mitigating crucial lost time at the site. If required, Land Sterling’s scope can also be extended to encompass the actual BIM model production.

Expert Property Design Management Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Land Sterling stands out as one of the leading property design management services companies in Dubai. Equipped with 14+ years of industry experience, our subject matter experts offer trusted advice for managing property design during the project lifecycle. Our design management solutions are based on market trend analysis. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to get a free quote for our Design Management services in Dubai, UAE.

Project Workflow

Preparation & Brief
  • Agree Project Vision Concept & Objectives
  • Formulate Capital Outlay, Budgets and ROI
  • Prepare Employers Information Requirements
  • Formulate Brief & Basis of Design
  • Establish Project Controls & Protocols
  • Establish Risk Register
  • Establish Development Program
  • Review Life Cycle Costing & Operational Expenditure
  • Site Due Diligence & Engineering Surveys
  • Shortlist Design Team & Issue Requests for Proposal
  • Prepare Appointment & Agree Scope of Deliverables
  • Review Design Risk Register
  • Formulate Brief & Basis of Design
  • Issue Staged Cost Plans & Prepare PTE / BoQ
  • Agree Procurement Route and Form of Contract
  • Implement and Manage Change Control Process
  • Value Engineering / Buildability / FM & Sustainability Reviews
  • Prepare Permitting & NOC Matrix
  • Coordinate BIM Model
  • Shortlist Contractors & Compile and Issue ER’s / Tenders
  • Prepare Appointment & Agree Scope of Deliverables
  • Agree PTE – Manage PQ & TQ Process
  • Manage Tender Process/Analyse Tender Returns
  • Formulate and Agree KPI’s
  • Agree Cost Plan and Insurances
  • Agree GMP / Lump Sum / C+ (Value Engineer)
  • Negotiate and Agree Contract Terms
  • Appoint Contractor
  • Agree Health & Safety Plan & HSE KPI’s / Method Statements
  • Cost Control / Change Management / VO’s & Claims
  • Manage Contractor Design & Shop Drawings
  • Manage Material Submittals
  • QAQC & Compliance Checks
  • Post Contract Quantity Surveying
  • Payment Reviews Earned Value
  • Manage Reporting & Dashboards / Critical Path Analysis – Interface Management & Coordination
  • Beneficial Occupancy / Soft Landing / Tenant Handbook – Cost Control / Change Management / VO’s & Claims
  • Fit – Out Process
  • FFE / OSE Installation & Logistic Planning
  • Handover Checklist / Snagging & Punch Lists
  • TOC / Final Account
  • O&M Manuals / Warranties
  • Back End Approvals / BCC
  • Claims Assessment and Management
  • Arbitration / Mediation / Litigation
Frequently Asked Questions

Design management in architecture is about managing creative projects while keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Project management is the process of managing a project and all components associated with it to ensure that the desired results are achieved consistently.

Design management on the other hand focuses on innovation and is about coming up with better designs for the products and services to increase the ROI.

BIM stands for business information modelling. BIM is used to create and manage important data during the design, construction, and operation processes for businesses.

Design management offers companies a better way to control their designs and streamline their internal business operations.

Standard design management activities include planning, organising, controlling, staffing, and directing people and operations involved in the design implementation.