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Our design management strategies are focused to align with the principles and priorities of the client, ensuring design solutions achieve the key objectives. We promote a holistic approach to design and project delivery, actively engaging in the design process to optimise functionality, efficiency, buildability, and quality, whilst safeguarding cost and time objectives through the procedural review of deliverable-content. With the rigorous application of our meticulous design review and monitoring protocols we ensure that stakeholder requirements are recorded, prioritised, and actioned at every stage in the design process.
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Land Sterling’s team of design experts provide specialist technical and engineering support to the consultant team throughout all design and implementation stages of a project. We monitor code compliance and optimise build quality through implementation of robust construction.

Genuine value management is at the heart of our core design services – our experienced team analyse and interrogate projects through all stages to attain the best possible outcomes in relation to time, cost and quality. We provide design & peer reviews to enhance and streamline operational functionality – optimising efficiencies and spatial adjacencies to mitigate superfluous area whilst protecting key amenity and logistics. Our design and delivery teams also undertake technical audits that comprise buildability reviews & ‘true’ value-engineering workshops – that focus on improvement of build quality balanced with cost-optimisation. We promote a value-driven approach to cost-management during the design process in order to retain value and protect the client’s asset. Throughout these processes we work pro-actively with the consultant team in developing bespoke and engineered solutions catered to suit the unique project requirements. Whilst being a key component within our full project management offering, we also offer these specialisms as stand-alone services.

Aspect advocate the integration of the latest developing BIM technologies into the design and delivery processes. This allows projects to be virtually constructed and interrogated before being constructed physically, promoting a ‘right first time’ approach that eliminates many inefficiencies and problems that arise at site. Mitigation of redesign / reworking reduces risk and ultimately optimises cost-control for our clients. We assist with the production of the BIM Execution Plan, (BEP) and establishment of Employer’s Information Requirements (EIRs) that govern the implementation of BIM technologies in virtual delivery of the project. Incorporating authority-mandated code as well as client-specific requirements, the protocols include guidelines for the Common Data Environment (CDE), requisite Level of Model Development (LOD), and procedures relating to Asset information / management.

We manage, interrogate, and audit BIM implementation throughout the design process, facilitating a fully collaborative and coordinated, live, and cloud-based, working environment. Customised model simulations inform active clash detection & resolution reviews, and expedite the production of coordinated construction documentation. The information and data also provide a critical management tool that enables Aspect to undertake real-time design reviews and pre-emptive buildability analyses – mitigating crucial lost time at site. If required, Aspect’s scope can also be extended to encompass the actual BIM model production.

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