Best Construction Companies in Dubai

People spend so much every year constructing and remodelling houses already in existence. Therefore, getting a worthy construction company to assist with the increasing

Defect Investigation

Defect investigation is identifying common flaws and developing solutions to rectify the problems. The process makes it possible to predict levels of deterioration of

Industrial & Logistic Valuation

Industrial and logistic valuation evaluates the worth of industrial and logistical properties. These properties include factories, warehouses, and other buildings used for production, distribution,

Importance & Benefits of International Property Consultants

International Property Consultants (IPC) International Property Consultants are crucial in developing real estate strategies that promote the industry’s expansion. Land Sterling provides IPC services

Hospitality Property Valuation in Dubai

Hotel valuation in Dubai experienced a decrease of 15% in 2021 compared to 2019. Given the relaxation of international and regional travel limitations, government

Healthcare Property Valuation

Healthcare aims to protect people’s mental, emotional or physical well-being. It also refers to endeavours to restore health in all the above mentioned areas.

Expert Tips for Hiring Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Buying real estate is an investment that has become quite famous during the last decade. And while it is a sound investment, purchasing without

Education Property Valuation

Do you need an education property valuation? Are you looking for the best real estate agents to assist with gauging your property’s worth? Read

Land Valuation

Do you want to know the exact market price of your land? Preparation and understanding the steps involved in land valuation will help you

Best REITs to Invest in Dubai

What is a REIT? A business that owns, manages, or finances income-producing real estate is a real estate investment trust (REIT). Based on mutual
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