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Transition can be defined as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another” and Snagging and Handover is aimed specifically for those times when a building is in a phase of transition from one phase of its life to the next. It could be from contractor to developer, or developer to buyer, and these are just a few examples, but there are others.

No matter what your role in this process, whether you are an end user, tenant, developer, financer, neighbour, contractor or any other stakeholder, you will want a partner you can trust to assist you through the many twists and turns.

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And this is the role of Land Sterling’s Snagging and Handover. We work in apartments, villas, factories, offices and all different types of built environment. With accumulated years of experience of property management across the region, Land Sterling will support you through this transition phase with our readymade and bespoke solutions.

With our Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) accreditation, we are uniquely placed to offer our range of services at a reasonable price and to a high standard. In fact it is a condition of our membership. There are only 33 Chartered Surveyors Practices in the United Arab Emirates, regulated in the same way, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. With our accreditation you know you can trust us, you know that we value integrity and you know that once instructed, we are working for you and you alone.

  • Property Handover and Takeover Management
  • Snagging and Inspections
  • Customer Orientation and dues collection
  • Authority coordination for transfer of title deeds
  • Managing the handover process between construction team & operations team
  • Transition management from contractor to FM service provider
  • Witnessing of testing and commissioning activities
  • Handover Snagging
  • Verification of handover documents
  • OLP management
  • QA/QC Inspections

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