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Measured surveys involve taking measurements of sites or buildings in order to produce accurate drawings to scale or to verify site conditions to drawings.

Land Sterling uses a variety of different methods to perform our measured surveys, dependent upon the level of detail the client requires. Land Sterling has the capability to utilise drones, LiDar technology or more traditional manual measurement methods to meet our client expectations and produce accurate drawings for your building or land plot.

The deployment of drones in high rise buildings can highlight any defects on the façade of the building that we would usually be unable to identify with traditional survey methods and is a proven cost effective solution with higher accuracy and increased granularity. This solution is particularly effective on projects where capturing large amounts of data is required or where there are multiple assets to survey.

We are regulated by RICS professional guidance, global – Measured land survey, buildings and utilities – 3rd edition and we can also carry out topographical surveys and underground services surveys as per our client requirements.

Measured Surveys | Land Sterling

Arshad Ahmad FMP, SFP

Head of Building & Facilities Consultancy