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Land Sterling’s dedicated team of chartered surveyors, qualified engineers and technicians deliver comprehensive property surveys and audits for all types of buildings. A professional survey performed by one of our experienced RICS professionals will help you to make informed decisions and help you to avoid any unforeseen costs when purchasing a property. Our surveys and audits not only take into consideration mitigation processes, but we also focus on sustainable solutions, potential energy efficiency solutions, acoustic performance and any other safety impacts. Our vast experience in the built environment and our report delivery and quality control processes, enables us to provide technically accurate property condition assessment reports, reliable recommendations and detailed budgeting, giving our clients real-time actionable intelligence to aid in the decision making process.
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An external, independent audit of your assets will demonstrate if you are managing an effective and efficient asset. We will look at levels of technology being utilised, the culture of the people within the asset, assess current operating strategy, authority compliance, asset condition and management of workforce within the asset amongst other things to enable you to develop a robust strategy for improved asset performance and an improved life cycle of the asset. We will work with you to align the asset performance objectives with the overall business objectives and ensure that you are receiving best practice services throughout the asset, achieving cost optimization and creating value.

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