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Structural & MEP Testing Services in Dubai

Land Sterling offers professional Structural & MEP Testing services in Dubai where we help evaluate the structural and Mechanical, Electric, and Plumbing (MEP) aspects of a residential or commercial property. 

We do an in-depth analysis of the structure of a building and test its MEP systems to ensure that everything works the way it should, without any problems. MEP issues in a building can be a serious concern for the authors because along with causing monetary expenses, an issue with the MEP system can lead to serious health and safety issues.

Along with testing the MEP system, we also do a complete structural survey of the building to analyse the structural integrity of a building. The structural and MEP testing services ensure that your property stays in the best shape and offers a safe living space to the occupants. 

Structural & MEP Testing | Land Sterling

Arshad Ahmad FMP, SFP

Head of Building & Facilities Consultancy

Importance of Structural and MEP Testing in Construction

Both the structural and MEP survey and testing services are crucial to ensure that your building stays in the best shape possible, for a long period of time. 

Structural surveys help assess the structural integrity of a building to ensure that it is safe to live in. The MEP survey and testing help identify minor or major issues with mechanical, electric, and plumbing elements of a building to ensure that the systems that you have set in place work at their optimal efficiency. 

Land Sterling’s structural and MEP testing specialists will take a close look at your property for a thorough inspection. We use the latest testing technologies and resources to give you an accurate idea about the current state of the structure of your building as well as the performance of your MET assets.

MEP Survey & Testing

This service includes an evaluation of the condition, installation, maintenance, and useful remaining life of the MEP systems on the property. Our team incorporates recommendations, findings, budgets, and costings for repairs in the reports and tailors them to suit your requirements.


  • Identifies the condition of the MEP assets within the property and highlights any defects, issues, or maintenance requirements
  • Evaluates the performance of the current FM company and identifies any shortfalls
  • Provides an understanding of the current lifecycle of the assets and allows the client to make an informed decision about the useful remaining life and any significant costs associated with the assets
Building Condition Surveys are Ideal for:
  • Banks, lending agencies and government institutions to ensure the protection of their investment
  • Building owners to assist in the review of the performance of their property in order to enhance its value
  • Developers in handing over units to end-users
  • Investors to ensure the viability of their investment
  • Property management companies to ensure their assets are well maintained
Ideal For:
  • Owners’ associations
  • Developers
  • Building owners
  • Property management companies
Structural Survey & Testing

A Structural Survey looks specifically at the structural integrity of the property in detail including cracks in building walls, columns, floor slabs, and roof decks.

  • We inspect, survey, and assess structural elements to ensure they are efficient, safe, and robust
  • Our team of experts deals with projects, from a crack in the wall to surveying entire properties for structural integrity
  • Provides owners with peace of mind and evaluates the most suitable remedial solutions
Ideal For:
  • Owners’ associations
  • Developers
  • Building owners
  • Property management companies
Trusted Structural & MEP Testing Services Provider in Dubai

Land Sterling takes pride in being the trusted choice for structural and MEP survey and testing services provider in Dubai. Over the years, we have helped many of our clients find and eliminate Structural and MEP issues in their properties to help create a safer living environment for everyone. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a quote for your structural and MET testing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

An MEP structure is a combination of mechanical, electric, or plumbing assets/systems available in a building. MEP itself is referred to as the science and art of planning and implementation of MEP systems in the building.

MEP involves analysis of the cost of electric, mechanical, and plumbing system installation in a building. An MEP expert advises you on designing and implementing the right MEP structure for your property.

A structural survey is a type of survey where the surveyor analyses the physical condition of a building to ensure that it is structurally sound. The survey aims to find potential structural defects and report them to the owner so that they can get them fixed to ensure a longer life for their property.

A structural survey is carried out by chartered surveyors. For example, Land Sterling has an expert team of RICS surveyors that help property owners with their structural survey needs.