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Expert Benchmarking Analysis Services in Dubai

Benchmarking analysis for development projects is about understanding the key success factors for a development project based on market standards or benchmarks. Land Sterling offers benchmarking analysis of existing master-planned cities to help developers in finding the right development strategies for successful project completion. 

With 14+ years of experience and expertise in Dubai’s real estate development market, we have the right tools and experience to come up with the best benchmarking analysis for any development project. 

We start by analysing the key factors for a successful development project undertaking. We look at already completed projects to determine what you’d need to do to complete your development project with maximum efficiency.

Benchmarking Analysis | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

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What is Benchmarking Analysis in Property Investment?

A real estate benchmarking analysis is a measurement used to determine the financial assumptions regarding a real estate property investment. This analysis helps investors learn about the costs for real estate project development in comparison with the already established market standards. 

Land Sterling specialises in conducting benchmarking analysis for real estate investments to ensure that the investors have all the necessary information before starting a development project. 

Our real estate benchmarking analysis includes the local real estate financial indicators and their associated benchmarks. Our benchmarking analysis reports will help remove the element of speculation from the real estate investment. 

Based on the insights gathered through the research phase, we offer expert advice regarding real estate investments based on the benchmarking analysis.

Our Benchmarking Analysis Services

We carry out a benchmarking analysis of existing master-planned cities and real estate developments to assist in:

  • Understanding key success factors
  • Comprehending development milestones for the proposed developments
  • Generating realistic financial assumptions

Professional Benchmarking Analysis for Real Estate Investments in Dubai, UAE

Our experts at Land Sterling are known for having an eye for detail. We use a holistic and well-established approach during the benchmarking analysis to find the essential details regarding a real estate investment. Based on the benchmarking analysis, the investors can choose to go through with the real estate development project. With 14+ years of real estate industry experience and having worked on 10,000+ projects, Land Sterling delivers an unparalleled quality of services when it comes to benchmarking analysis. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our benchmarking analysis services for real estate investments in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benchmarking in real estate is about using a standard of measurement to analyse the financial details related to a real estate investment. The purpose of this analysis is to see whether a real estate development project is worth pursuing or not.

The 4 steps of benchmarking include the assessment of the current state, benchmarking participant identification, comparative analysis, and strategic prognosis. Our experts at Land Sterling specialise in conducting custom benchmarking for real estate development projects based on the standard benchmarking model.

The purpose of benchmarking analysis for real estate development projects is to find and understand success factors for a development project. Along with that, benchmarking helps understand the real estate developmental milestones and the financial aspects of the development process.