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Techno-Economic Viability Studies in Dubai

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Techno-Economic Viability Studies Experts in Dubai

Land Sterling has an expert team of technical feasibility and economic viability analyse experts who look at your project to figure out whether it can deliver long-term gains, or not. Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) study involves the evaluation of a project in terms of technical and financial aspects to determine the viability of the development project.

We have a team of RICS-certified professionals who specialise in conducting technical analysis and financial viability studies to determine the feasibility of the project. 

We take into account factors such as technical risks, regulatory guidelines, and financial situations when doing the study. After that, we give our recommendation regarding the selection, modification, or rejection of the project.

What is a Techno-Economic Viability Study?

Techno Economic Viability Study is about conducting a thorough technical and financial viability analysis of a project to determine its feasibility. This analysis is performed by subject matter experts who after a detailed analysis, give you suggestions regarding the future of the project. 

The technical feasibility analysis includes factors such as the assessment of the available land, the availability of the infrastructure, the availability of skilled manpower, and the assessment of the existing capacity. 

The financial viability study of the project includes the assessment of future cash flow, the financial viability of the unit based on financial projections, and the sensitivity analysis of the project.    

Techno-Economic Viability Studies | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

Expert Techno-Economic Viability Studies

Our dedicated real estate investment team comprises finance lending advisors and subject matter experts, who can determine the project’s technical feasibility and financial viability and assess the associated risks and take the necessary actions required. 

The Development of the Project Concept

After determining the appropriate use of the land and the proposed projects, we proceed to the market analysis in the following sections:

  • Real estate economic and demographic study of the site and the proposed project
  • Study the residential and leisure sector in the real estate market
  • Overview of the commercial sector relevant to the project
  • Detailed overview of any other sector related to the project

Assuming that the first stage is appropriate, the next stage will be the creation of the concept or development idea and the appropriate product for the project. With detailed market analysis and site evaluation along with a temporary workshop.

Land Sterling experts define the concept of development and mix real estate products for the development of the destination in terms of essential elements, positioning, type, and size of units, and supporting facilities required as needed. This will be supported by an extensive market demand analysis and a detailed supply and demand model for the proposed product.

Professional Techno-Economic Studies in Dubai

Land Sterling is a leading project management advisory services provider in Dubai with expertise in technical and economic viability studies for real estate projects. We pay attention to the nuances for you so that you don’t have to worry about them. We create a detailed viability report for a project so that you can get it going, without worrying about the future returns from it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Economic viability study refers to the financial aspects of a project to ensure that it is capable of delivering positive gains in the long run. This analysis also shows whether it would be financially feasible to go with the project, or not.

A techno-Economic feasibility study helps determine the technical feasibility and financial viability of a development project. This analysis is important for property investors and developers as it helps them learn about the current expenses associated with the project as well as the potential returns that they are going to get from it.

Project feasibility refers to the study that tells whether a project is possible or not. The viability refers to the long-term survival or profitability rate of the project.

The financial viability of a project refers to its ability to meet the required income generation goals. These may include operational costs, salaries, debt commitments, and profit margins. Land Sterling offers complete Techno-Economic viability studies for real estate projects that cover all the mentioned details.