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Facilities Management Supervision Services in Dubai

Facilities management supervision services ensure effective management of a facility and its resources. Land Sterling offers facilities management supervision in Dubai to facilitate the ideal usage of a facility and the resources available in it. 

Being an industry leader in facility management services, Land Sterling has a reputation for being thorough. We have a team of a certified professional who looks at your project from every angle to ensure that you get your deliverables without any delays.

We use industry best practices when it comes to supervising facility management services. Our supervision services cover everything from facility management, to maintenance, and security-related tasks associated with a facility.

What is facilities supervision?

Facility supervision is the process of managing facility management tasks to ensure the smooth running of a facility. The job duties of a facility supervisor include assigning facility management duties, keeping tabs on the progress, and evaluating the results in terms of quality. 

Land Sterling offers facilities supervision services to ensure seamless operational efficiency for a facility. 

Facility Management Supervision Services

Our facility management consultancy services cover a wide range of management responsibilities including managing maintenance requests, handling security issues, and creating maintenance reports. 

We use a comprehensive approach when it comes to supervising a facility. Our supervisors pay special attention to the established facility management tasks to streamline the supervision process while giving property owners peace of mind. 

Our facilities management supervision includes:

Facilities Management

Full supervision services to preserve the physical integrity of your property

Maintenance Requests

We make sure tenant requests are responded to and schedule appropriate vendors

Vendor Management

Appoint a professional service provider with the best service at competitive rates


Regular property visits and walk-through each time a unit is vacated

Security Services

Arrangement and performance supervision of watchmen and security personnel

Utility Payment

We check that all payments of utilities including W&E, and waste collection are made

Maintenance Reports

Regular maintenance reports providing details on work orders and payment

Fit-out Management

Ensuring fit-out compliance with property standards and assisting in vendor selection and management

Professional Facilities Management Supervision Services

Land Sterling is Dubai’s leading facility management supervision services provider covering a wide range of FM services and responsibilities. Our primary objective is to make the property management and maintenance tasks easier and simpler for all parties involved. We help maintain the operational efficiency of a facility by suggesting timely maintenance for the resources available in a facility. We stay on top of the facility management and supervision duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire facility for an extended amount of time. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to get a free quote for our facility management supervision services in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

A facility manager supervisor is an individual who handles the facility management responsibilities including overseeing maintenance requests, inspections, and creating reports.

A facility management supervisor has the responsibility to plan, organise, and implement strategies for effective facility management. They take care of the entire facility including scheduling maintenance for building assets.

A property manager is an individual that property owners hire to oversee the day-to-day operations of the property. A property management supervisor’s job is to handle the property management and maintenance responsibilities by keeping tabs on the team working under him.

A facility supervisor helps maintain a property’s facilities and ensures the smooth running of the entire facility. The supervisor handles the tasks including asset inspections, scheduling maintenance, and keeping track of the procurement of equipment and resources for business operations.