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Property Location Strategy Services in Dubai

Real estate location strategy revolves around the process of determining the long-term feasibility and viability of a real estate location. Land Sterling offers location strategy services in Dubai with the sole focus on finding an optimal site for real estate investors. 

We conduct a thorough location survey and research in terms of the current economy and future substantiality to figure out whether a real estate investment is worth it or not. 

Location Strategy | Land Sterling

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified surveyors who specialise in conducting location research for real estate investments. We look at factors that include the accessibility and visibility of a location along with a detailed SWOT analysis.     

Our Location Strategy

The overall objective of the location analysis is to select the optimal site for the client in terms of feasibility, economy, and future sustainability, which will enable them to achieve their strategic goals. 

The method involves analysing and evaluating a large number of factors, by taking individual customer requirements into account. 

We conduct field visits to learn about the site and the neighbouring projects and evaluate the following:

  • Location, accessibility, and visibility
  • Access to public transportation (planned or existing)
  • Characteristics of the current projects surrounding the site
  • A discussion of the benefits and unique selling points of the site
  • SWOT analysis of the site from an economic perspective
  • Evaluation of the site in terms of its suitability for the different real estate sectors, details of uses, supply, and demand to finalise the report

Benefits of Choosing the Right Real Estate Location

Quality Social Infrastructure

Whether you are investing in residential or commercial real estate, there needs to be an established social infrastructure consisting of schools, colleges, hospitals, and banks to ensure a better quality of life. Land Sterling looks at all these different factors to decide on the feasibility of a real estate investment.  

Safe Neighbourhood 

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to choosing a real estate location. You want a safe neighbourhood with the potential for showing growth in the future. Our experts look at the neighbourhood when analysing a real estate location to see whether it would fit your strategic goals, or not. 

Future Developments

Future developments in a location are a huge tell of the increase in real estate valuation. When investing in real estate, you need to learn about any future developments that are being planned for the place. Learning about these developments can help make it easier for investors to decide on their investments. 

Proximity to Business Areas

The right real estate location offers proximity to the business hub in the area. Being close to a business centre opens up new avenues of growth for investors. A viable real estate is generally close to business districts. Investing in such properties can ensure an increase in the value of your property in the long run. 

Data-Driven Real Estate Location Strategies & Solutions

Land Sterling offers data-driven and research-backed real estate location strategies to ensure that your chosen location is capable of delivering positive long-term gains. We look at the market trends, economic conditions, and demographics when determining the viability of a real estate investment in terms of location. Our research enables us to provide our clients with an accurate information model for their investments that they can use as a guide when making real estate commitments. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our real estate location strategy services in Dubai, UAE.


A location strategy helps you find the right location for your real estate investment that matches your long-term goals and desires.
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Some of the most common factors that affect location decisions for a real estate investment include development costs, infrastructure availability, labour situation, government policies, and economic conditions.

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