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Land Sterling is a leading property management company in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai that offers custom fit-out solutions for residential and commercial properties. 

Our fit-out management services cover everything from the feasibility analysis of the fit-out to the installation and post-installation inspections. We help develop bespoke building fit-outs as per the demands of building owners.

Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

We help property owners implement the fit-out recommendations provided by the tenants. We take care of the entire process, from the inception of the design to the procurement of the fit-out materials. 

We oversee the entire fit-out installation process to protect the interests of property owners. We work closely with all related parties to ensure that the fit-out matches client expectations. 

What Does Fit Out Management Mean in Property Management?

A fit-out in property management is the process of adding custom services to real estate to make it more suitable for tenants. The fit-out requests are generally gathered from the tenant’s handbook. 

Property owners who want to create a better living space for their tenants can have custom fit-out done for the place to make it more viable for the tenants. We help property owners with the entire fit-out management process to ensure that the fit-out is of the highest quality. 

Reasons to Use Our Fit-Out Management Services

Land Sterling takes pride in the premium quality fit-out management services that we offer to make life easier for property owners.

Reliable Fit-Outs

Our fit-out management solutions are innovative and designed to keep the client’s best interest at heart. Our fit-out experts pay attention to every little detail to ensure that the fit-outs turn out exactly as per your expectation. 

Seamless Project Completion

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified professionals who are quite adept at handling complicated real estate projects. Our experts will manage the fit-out process on your behalf to save you from the hassle. 


When offering our fit-out management services, we prioritize safety over everything else. We make sure that the fit-out complies with the safety measures and the market standards in terms of safety. 

Industry Experience 

Land Sterling brings with its 12+ years of experience when handling the fit-out management process for you. Our expertise in fit-out management enabled us to consistently deliver an unparalleled quality of services.  

Comprehensive Fit-Out Management Solutions

Land Sterling can support building owners and managers in managing tenant fit-outs to ensure the work is undertaken in accordance with the guidelines and the tenant’s handbook. This can be as a standalone service, or as part of a turn-key solution


  • Building Survey
  • Refurbishments
  • Office Relocation
  • Facilities Management
  • Office Fit-Outs

Consultation Stage

  • Review Compliance Agreement
  • Site consultation
  • Confirm Client Brief
  • Prepare and/or Review Fit-out Manual
  • Agree Fit-out Process & Program
  • Detail Scope of Works

Pre-Fit Out

  • Attend the initial kick-off meeting
  • Issue building-specific Fit-Out Manual to tenants Contractor
  • Prepare a CD containing base build information, drawings, and load schedules.

Drawing Submission and Review Stage

  • Review drawings to ensure compliance with OHM development guidelines
  • Check the validity of the contractor’s trade license and insurance
  • Check tenancy or title deed document
  • Check the Owner’s NOC, letter of undertaking
  • Check programme of works
  • Check contractor-prepared project plan
  • Identify any changes to improve submission
  • Check electrical loads for compliance
  • Review fire detection against DCD regs

Fit Out Implementation

  • Coordinate all activity that may impact other occupants
  • Undertake dilapidation review of common areas before site start
  • Ensure work areas are adequately screened for Public Safety
  • Monitor delivery schedule
  • Obtain fire alarm and sprinkler test certs
  • Assist with obtaining completion cert from EHS
  • Agree and coordinate move-in dates with management and security

Completion Stage

  • Carry out a final inspection upon completion of works
  • Service contractor commissioning
  • PCI inspection
  • Issue completion certificates and arrange for the return of the damage deposit
  • Maintain all records of handover, as-built drawings, photos, and test certs

Get in touch with Land Sterling to learn more about our property management services in Sharjah, Dubai, and UAE.


A fit-out manager is an individual that handles the entire fit-out operation for a property owner. The job responsibilities of a fit-out manager include understanding tenants’ requirements and coming up with cost-effective yet reliable fitouts that work for all parties involved.

The cost of the fit-out for a building depends on the complexity of the fit-out.

A category A fit-out includes basic floor finishes, walls, and ceilings.
A fit-out can be an electrical, mechanical, decorating, or furnishing job that’s undertaken as per the tenant’s handbook.
Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Building Survey
  • Refurbishments
  • Office Relocation
  • Facilities Management
  • Office Fit-outs

Project Workflow

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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Fit-Out Management | Land Sterling

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