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Establishing the budget at inception is the first critical stage of the project – getting an optimal return on investment is the ultimate objective. With our extensive experience and cost library we are able to produce accurate budgets with appropriate levels of contingency. Land Sterling’s commercial team engage with the client and consultant team to develop a detailed and robust project brief – optimising costs by streamlining requirements, and collaborating to establish realistic and efficient time scales for the project delivery.

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We engage with stakeholders throughout the design process to accurately manage and monitor the development budget. As part of this process we maintain ongoing risk analysis, accurate cost planning and true-value engineering – safeguarding the budget without diluting design intent. Coupled with the latest estimating software, our procedures and protocols manage design gateways, risk management, and change control. Leading up to tender, we assess and recommend the most suitable procurement route and contracting strategy for your project – balancing time, cost, and quality considerations.

Land Sterling appreciates the importance of managing our client’s costs, and in providing a level of service that instills and maintains confidence. Our team of chartered surveying professionals ensure that your costs are managed in line with best industry practice, and in accordance with recognised international standards and ethics. During construction our services encompass; monthly valuations, sub-contract tender analysis, invoice certification, contract administration, cash-flow forecasting, final account, and most importantly, change management. Effective change control, along with accurate assessment of change implications is critical to maintaining delivery budget and achieving out-turn cost certainty. Land Sterling can ably assist in the unfortunate event that our clients face any contentious contractual situations, managing the assessment and evaluation of any claims or disputes.

Ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page, and that the contracts reflect this, is critical to the success of the Project. Land Sterling engages with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone understands and is clear on their obligations and the processes, controls and procedures to follow to achieve the best commercial outcome for all.

Our team works closely with its clients to try and avoid any issues being escalated to dispute resolution but unfortunately disputes do occur. We are able to carry out a full scope of services in this specialist field, from establishing entitlement, quantum and forensic analysis, amicable settlement negotiation through to expert witness court representation. Be it either claimant or defendant, Land Sterling guarantees our clients the best possible outcome to any claims or disputes arising.

Our in house team can assess current process inefficiencies, cost and time over-runs and review the procurement strategy with recommendations for improvements.

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