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Best Commercial Property Cost Consultancy in Dubai

Land Sterling is a market-leading commercial cost consultancy services company in Dubai with expertise in building cost consultancy. We work closely with commercial property owners and developers to identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

The development of commercial real estate requires an accurate estimation of the capital cost. The analysis includes a detailed review of the entire development process, along with the costs associated with each development phase.

Land Sterling offers commercial property cost consultancy services where we guide our clients in the right direction with expert cost consultancy advice. 

Commercial Services | Land Sterling

Sunjay Shanker MRICS

Director of Project Management

Why Choose Our Commercial Property Cost Consultancy Services?

Optimal Usage of Financial Resources

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified experts and lending advisors who offer commercial real estate owners insights into the cost-saving measures that they can take for their projects. Our team will help optimise the use of financial resources that you have set aside for commercial real estate development.

Connections in the Industry

Land Sterling collaborates with some of the leading developers in Dubai with extensive experience in commercial real estate development. We suggest our clients ways to cut down on construction costs by recommending cost-effective construction solutions that deliver high-quality results. 

Get Advice from Experts

We have a team of certified professionals who offer expert construction cost consultancy services as per the latest real estate market trends. They help identify potential cost-saving opportunities that you can avail yourself of while working on the commercial real estate development project.

14+ Years of Experience 

With over a decade of industry experience, Land Sterling has the tools and expertise to make every commercial real estate consultancy project a success. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to optimise the use of financial resources available for a development project. 

Commercial Property Management & Consultancy

Land Sterling’s experienced in-house commercial team provides specialised cost consultancy services through the life cycle of the project with the overriding objective of protecting our clients’ investments.

With extensive market knowledge across many sectors, Land Sterling will provide robust commercial guidance from the outset. We manage costs in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as POMI or the NRM. 

Our scope covers the entire development life cycle and value chain, and we produce benchmarked cost data at each stage of the development process. We also work alongside the client team to ensure the right procurement route is chosen to reflect the project objective.

We Provide


Establishing the budget at inception is the first critical stage of the project – getting an optimal return on investment is the ultimate objective. With our extensive experience and cost library, we can produce accurate budgets with appropriate levels of contingency.

Land Sterling’s commercial team engages with the client and consultant team to develop a detailed and robust project brief – optimising costs by streamlining requirements and collaborating to establish realistic and efficient time scales for the project delivery.


We engage with stakeholders throughout the design process to accurately manage and monitor the development budget.

As part of this process, we maintain ongoing risk analysis, accurate cost planning, and true-value engineering – safeguarding the budget without diluting design intent. Coupled with the latest estimating software, our procedures and protocols manage design gateways, risk management, and change control. 

Leading up to the tender, we assess and recommend the most suitable procurement route and contracting strategy for your project – balancing time, cost, and quality considerations.


Land Sterling appreciates the importance of managing our client’s costs and providing a level of service that instills and maintains confidence. Our chartered surveying professionals ensure that your expenses are managed in line with best industry practices and accordance with recognised international standards and ethics. 

During construction, our services encompass; monthly valuations, sub-contract tender analysis, invoice certification, contract administration, cash-flow forecasting, final account, and most importantly, change management.

Effective change control and accurate assessment of change implications are critical to maintaining delivery budget and achieving out-turn cost certainty.

In addition, Land Sterling can ably assist in the unfortunate event that our clients face any contentious contractual situations, managing the assessment and evaluation of any claims or disputes.


Ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page and that the contracts reflect this is critical to the success of the Project.  Land Sterling engages with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone understands and is clear on their obligations and the processes, controls, and procedures to follow to achieve the best commercial outcome for all.


Our team works closely with its clients to try and avoid any issues being escalated to dispute resolution, but unfortunately, disputes do occur.  

We can carry out a full scope of services in this specialist field, from establishing entitlement, quantum and forensic analysis, and amicable settlement negotiation to expert witness court representation. 

Be it either claimant or defendant; Land Sterling guarantees our clients the best possible outcome to any claims or disputes arising.


Our in-house team can assess current process inefficiencies, cost, and time overruns and review the procurement strategy with recommendations for improvements.

Cost-Effective Commercial Property Construction Solutions

A commercial real estate development project requires you to spend a lot of capital for project completion. Since you are going to be investing a lot of money in development, you need cost consultancy services to ensure that you maximise the use of your investment. This is where Land Sterling comes in! Our experts offer you cost-effective commercial real estate construction and management solutions that maximise the gains for you. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to learn more about our commercial property cost consultancy services in Dubai, UAE.

Preparation & Brief
  • Agree Project Vision Concept & Objectives
  • Formulate Capital Outlay, Budgets and ROI
  • Prepare Employers Information Requirements
  • Formulate Brief & Basis of Design
  • Establish Project Controls & Protocols
  • Establish Risk Register
  • Establish Development Program
  • Review Life Cycle Costing & Operational Expenditure
  • Site Due Diligence & Engineering Surveys
  • Shortlist Design Team & Issue Requests for Proposal
  • Prepare Appointment & Agree Scope of Deliverables
  • Review Design Risk Register
  • Formulate Brief & Basis of Design
  • Issue Staged Cost Plans & Prepare PTE / BoQ
  • Agree Procurement Route and Form of Contract
  • Implement and Manage Change Control Process
  • Value Engineering / Buildability / FM & Sustainability Reviews
  • Prepare Permitting & NOC Matrix
  • Coordinate BIM Model
  • Shortlist Contractors & Compile and Issue ER’s / Tenders
  • Prepare Appointment & Agree Scope of Deliverables
  • Agree PTE – Manage PQ & TQ Process
  • Manage Tender Process/Analyse Tender Returns
  • Formulate and Agree KPI’s
  • Agree Cost Plan and Insurances
  • Agree GMP / Lump Sum / C+ (Value Engineer)
  • Negotiate and Agree Contract Terms
  • Appoint Contractor
  • Agree Health & Safety Plan & HSE KPI’s / Method Statements
  • Cost Control / Change Management / VO’s & Claims
  • Manage Contractor Design & Shop Drawings
  • Manage Material Submittals
  • QAQC & Compliance Checks
  • Post Contract Quantity Surveying
  • Payment Reviews Earned Value
  • Manage Reporting & Dashboards / Critical Path Analysis – Interface Management & Coordination
  • Beneficial Occupancy / Soft Landing / Tenant Handbook – Cost Control / Change Management / VO’s & Claims
  • Fit – Out Process
  • FFE / OSE Installation & Logistic Planning
  • Handover Checklist / Snagging & Punch Lists
  • TOC / Final Account
  • O&M Manuals / Warranties
  • Back End Approvals / BCC
  • Claims Assessment and Management
  • Arbitration / Mediation / Litigation

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Budget and Feasibility
  • Contract Drafting
  • Design & Procurement
  • Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Phase
  • Project Auditing Services
Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial property manager’s job is to manage commercial real estate to ensure that the property and all its resources keep functioning at their optimal capacity.

The fee for a commercial property manager depends on the size of the real estate and the job responsibilities that the manager must cover.

The 4 types of property management services include residential, commercial, industrial, and special purpose property management.

The primary responsibility of a property manager is to do everything that they can to further the interests of their employer. This may include things such as overseeing the quality of services, conducting equipment audits, and doing general care for the property.