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Our professional valuers have the combined technical and practical industrial experience across all industry sectors to undertake a reliable and accurate valuation service.

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Best Industrial Consulting Company in Dubai

Land Sterling is one of the leading industrial consultancy companies in Dubai, with expertise in asset valuation, verification, disposal, and more. We offer custom industrial consultancy solutions to all the major business sectors in Dubai to ensure business growth and productivity.

We have a team of RICS-certified experts who specialise in industrial consultancy for sectors including agriculture, education, aviation, transport, mining, etc.

Our goal is to help industry owners streamline their asset management and valuation process to stay on top of the production and delivery processes. Our valuation and advisory services span all the assets you have deployed in your industry.

Industrial Consultancy | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

Expert Industrial Consultancy Services

Land Sterling’s Industrial Consultancy division delivers quality services across the Middle East and North Africa. Our Industrial Consultancy team provides well-defined Valuation/Cost management And solutions services through:


Our team has specialist and technical knowledge of all asset types across the industrial sectors to provide accurate services.


Our team has the combined technical and practical industry experience to undertake reliable and accurate services across all industry sectors.


Land Sterling Industrial Consultancy Division endeavors professional and in-house training to deliver excellent, accurate, and accountable advice to our clients. Above all, Land Sterling Industrial Consultancy Division is here to deliver a full-fledged solutions package in line with international standards and best practices.

RICS-Compliance Consultancy Experts

We boast of an outstanding RICS-compliant team with an expertise in offering an array of valuation and advisory services across a broad spectrum of equipment, machinery, plant, and business assets. We are here to help you receive a detailed report outlining every single aspect covered under the inspection and valuation.

Industries We Serve

Land Sterling Industrial Consultancy staff offer in-depth knowledge and experience of all asset categories across all industry sectors namely:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Transport
  • Plastic & Packaging
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas
  • Paper & Printing
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Mining

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Advantages of Hiring Industrial Consultancy in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE

Hiring an industrial consultancy firm helps industry owners maximise the use of their assets and resources. Industrial consultants are aware of market regulations, and they offer expert advice based on their experience working in the industry. Industrial consultancy in Dubai helps business owners manage their assets and learn about their value, without any hassle. The insights gathered through consultancy add value to the industry operations by offering ways to optimise asset usage.

Land Sterling has a team of industrial consultancy experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Our team brings with us over a decade of specialised experience in managing technical and management aspects of many different asset types.

Our services range from doing asset valuations to asset verifications, and more. We have a robust yet flexible valuation and verification approach that we use to identify asset types in the industry for easier tracking and management. Being a market leader in providing industrial consultancy services, Land Sterling takes pride in being the top-rated choice of all major industries in Dubai, UAE.

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Our RICS-certified team at Land Sterling understands the importance of asset management in managing industry operations Keeping that in mind we offer expert advice tailored to the needs of each specific industry. Our services are based on the latest industrial standards. We do a thorough inspection of all asset types and classes to ensure that you keep getting the best performance under all circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of industrial consultancy depends on the complexity of the project. Based on the kind of services you are looking for the price of consultancy services may vary.

The industrial consultancy helps you learn about the state of assets that you have, along with the asset verification and inspection of the established industry systems. The primary goal of the consultancy is to find ways to optimise the industrial processes for your business.

Business consultation means identifying and eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of success for a business.

Companies use consultants to help assess the current quality of operations for their business. The job of a consultant is to identify possible issues with the current mode of operation and recommend ways to optimise the already established processes.