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Best Fleet Valuation Company in Dubai

Land Sterling is one of the most trusted fleet valuation companies in Dubai with extensive experience in conducting Fleet valuation. Our experts will help determine accurate values for all your fleet equipment. 

Our valuations are not just accurate, they are also updated as per the latest market research. Our analysts provide a detailed estimation of the current market values for the equipment in your fleet. We consider factors including the age, condition, location, and utilisation of the fleet to find the most accurate pricing information.

The detailed valuation report includes information regarding the current state of the vehicle as well. Based on the information that you gather after the research, you can learn about the fleet valuation along with the costs associated with the maintenance of the fleet-related equipment.

Fleet Valuation | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

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In-Depth Fleet Inspection for Accurate Valuation

At Land Sterling, we have an expert team of surveyors who specialise in conducting an independent valuation of fleets, construction equipment, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Car Valuations
  • LTV & HTV Valuations
  • Construction Vehicle Valuations
  • Truck & Trailer Valuations
  • Logistics Related Vehicle Valuations

We prepare accurate fleet valuation reports for any requirement with the help of our experts who have precise knowledge of specifications that are up to date such as engine types, chassis, make, model, etc., and are equipped with technical know-how.

Importance of Fleet Valuation

Fleet valuation helps businesses learn about the value of the fleets that are currently on the highway. This information offers long-term value when making financial reports as well as when acquiring new fleet for business operations. 

Land Sterling has a team of certified fleet valuation experts who look at the fleet from every angle including technical and physical to find an estimated value for the entire fleet. 

Our research is based on the analysis of the physical condition of the fleet, engine types, make, model, and more. We look at all these different factors to let you know about the current value of the automobile. We repeat the process for the entire fleet to give you a detailed review of the fleet valuation. 

Our Services Are Ideal For

  • Insurance purposes
  • JV split up
  • Financial audits
  • Portfolio audits
  • Company valuations

Comprehensive Fleet Valuations in Dubai

Being the leading fleet valuation companies in Dubai, our valuers at Land Sterling like to be thorough in their approach. We conduct a thorough inspection of all the automobiles available in a fleet to do complete fleet valuations. Our analysis helps fleet owners learn about the current worth of their fleet. They can use the provided information to make future fleet acquiring decisions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

At least 15 vehicles in an inventory are generally considered to be a fleet. The numbers required to make a fleet can vary from place to place.

The mileage of a vehicle and its physical condition affect the price of a used car. Along with that, the make of a vehicle also sometimes has an impact on its price.

Dents, rusts, scratches, and technical issues such as engine problems bring down the value of a car. The overall appearance and the comfort level that the car has can also sometimes affect its final valuation.

Fleet valuation helps get an accurate value for all your vehicles in the inventory. This information can help you during insurance purposes or financial reporting for your business.