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Land Sterling is Dubai’s leading asset verification services company with expertise in conducting large-scale industry asset verifications. We do a thorough physical survey of all the available assets against the asset register to ensure that all the assets are identified. 

Asset verification is a critical process that is done by our RICS-certified experts. Our surveyors conduct the asset verification process and give a detailed report regarding the availability as well as the physical condition of the assets. 

Asset Verification | Land Sterling

Based on the information provided in the report, business owners can have peace of mind regarding the efficiency of the assets under inspection.

What is Asset Verification?

Asset verification involves checking the existence of assets against an existing asset inventory list. Land Sterling performs asset verification for businesses in Dubai, UAE to identify owned assets and the essential details related to these assets. 

Our asset verification reports contain details such as the verification of the owned assets, physical inspection of assets to determine the useful life and the depreciation schedule, as well as the maintenance and service schedule for the assets.

Why Choose Our Asset Verification Services?

Accurate Information Collection

Our asset verification process is based on accepted market standards that deliver excellent results. We take a thorough look at all the available assets to find accurate information regarding their current life and future depreciation. Having this information at hand can simplify the asset management process for businesses.

Easier Decision-Making

When it comes to selling assets in exchange for capital, you need to have an idea about the available assets and their value. Our asset verification services help you become aware of the owned assets and the physical status of these assets before deciding on selling them.

12+ Years of Industry Experience

Land Sterling has been a part of Dubai’s real estate market for over 12 years. Over the years, we have worked on 10,000+ projects with a maximum success rate. We deliver an unmatched quality of services when it comes to asset verification processes.

Benefits of Asset Verification

  • Identify owned assets quickly and easily with a physical inspection
  • Save time and money in duplication of assets between departments
  • Increased security with regular tracking & monitoring
  • Monitor asset movement between locations
  • Compliance with insurance or government regulations
  • Track useful life of assets and depreciation schedules
  • Schedule maintenance, service, and replacement of owned assets
  • Identify the actual existence of assets

Professional Asset Verification Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Land Sterling is a top choice for industries in Dubai, UAE for asset verification services. Our services include the identification of assets along with a thorough inspection of their physical condition. Our asset verification reports help asset owners become aware of the viability of their assets throughout the business operation lifecycle. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to get a free quote for our asset verification services.


The primary idea behind asset verification is to identify the available assets owned by a business. This is done by comparing the assets through a physical inspection, with the asset register of the company.

Asset valuation is the process of finding the current market value of owned assets. Asset verification on the other hand is the process of identifying owned assets by comparing them with the asset register.

Companies calculate the assets and liabilities to find the actual amount of profit and loss.

Physical audits help maintain inventory accuracy and ensure that the business operations keep running smoothly, without any problems.

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