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Expert RERA Compliance Services in Dubai

RERA stands for the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. It is the regulatory body of DLD (Dubai Land Department) and was established in 2007. The purpose of RERA is to offer a legal framework for the real estate industry in Dubai. Every real estate project in Dubai must comply with the framework established by RERA.

Land Sterling offers comprehensive RERA compliance services to ensure that your real estate project follows the recommended RERA standards. Our RICS-certified team specialises in RERA rules and regulations. We offer personalised RERA compliance services to property owners, developers, and management companies.

Benefits of RERA Act for Property Owners

The primary idea behind RERA is to protect property owners from the malpractices of real estate builders and developers. RERA establishes a specific set of standards for the development of real estate that ensure 100% transparency for all parties involved. 

Ensures Transparency

Property buyers with little to no experience in property development often get tricked by unfair builders into spending more money on the development than necessary. RERA helps regulate the entire development process by setting up transparency standards to protect the interests of the buyer. 

RERA Compliance Services | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

Fewer Project Delays

Before the RERA act, delays in getting a real estate project completed were a norm. It was a huge inconvenience for home buyers. RERA act makes it mandatory to complete the project within the established timeframe.

Comprehensive RERA Compliance Studies

Our RERA Compliance Studies division provides Owners Associations, Management Companies, Developers, and Owners Committee edge-to-edge solutions on compliance services which is essential to meet the set requirement by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority as per Law No: 6 of 2019, Ownership of Joint Own Property Declaration. 

Our RERA Compliance Studies Division team is highly skilled and specialised. Certified auditors, Engineers, Consultants, and RICS accredited members offer skilled and professional services catering to the wide variety of requirements of the client. 

Our Services not only cover a wide range of RERA complying services but also diverse built environment requirements from technical audits inspection to various techno-commercial studies such as Building Completion/Condition Audits, Escrow Audits, Reserve Fund Studies, Service Charge Cost Allocation, Energy Audits, Structural Audits, Due Diligence Studies, Owners Association Transition Service, Defect Analysis Studies, Project/Contract Management.

Our RERA Compliance Study Services

Our strength lies in our experience as well as holistic and creative methods that are simple to comprehend and provide customers with real-time solutions. Our ability to provide timely inspections and reporting, strategic preparation, and effective contact with clients are our best outputs and the reason RERA Compliance Studies is so highly sought after by our clients.

  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Service Charge Allocation Study
  • Reinstatement Valuations
  • Energy Audit ASHRAE Level 1 & 2
  • Building Completion Audit for ESCROW release

Result-Oriented Analysis Approach

Our Building Technical Consulting’s strength lies in our expertise and holistic and innovative approaches to solving challenges posed by our clients. We help our customers to better understand their assets from a technical view by producing RICS-accredited reports that are easy to understand and present real-time solutions and transparent cost estimates.

We consistently deliver timely inspections and reporting, efficient and meticulous planning, and high efficiency in communicating our outputs to clients. Our credibility, reliability, competence, and courtesy set us apart from the competition.

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Land Sterling offers the best RERA compliance services in Dubai to ensure that your real estate project meets the established standards. If you are in the beginning stages of the construction, we’ll offer you custom RERA compliance solutions that you can implement to make the most out of this act. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our RERA compliance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

RERA registration is used to register real estate brokers as well as all the real estate operations in Dubai.

A RERA audit refers to an independent audit of real estate projects that are registered under RERA. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the projects meet the standard RERA audit compliance guidelines.

RERA approval means getting registered with RERA. If you have registered yourself with RERA as a real estate broker or to provide details regarding your real estate project in Dubai, then the registration confirmation would be synonymous with RERA approval.

RERA ensures 100% transparency in property dealing. It helps reduce project delays and saves building owners from getting ripped off by builders. The bottom line is, that RERA helps streamline the entire real estate development project while keeping things completely transparent.