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Service Charge Allocation Study Experts in Dubai 

Service charges are funds that leaseholders pay for the upkeep of the building that they live in. Service charges cover expenses such as building insurance, maintenance costs, and the maintenance of communal facilities. 

If you are a building owner, you need to determine the service charge allocation for leaseholders so that you can get funds from them for common building maintenance tasks.

Land Sterling is one of the best service charge allocation study services company in Dubai. Our experts will determine the service charge rates for you based on the services that you offer to your tenants. 

What is a Service Charge in Property Management?

A service charge, as the name suggests, is the amount of money that you pay for using the common building services, as well as for their maintenance needs. 

Service charges are generally paid on a monthly basis. But the time period can vary depending on the lease agreement. The building owner has to disclose all the details regarding the service charge amount, the way it’s calculated, and where the amount will be used in the lease agreement.

Service Charge Allocation Study | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

Property Management Services Covered By the Service Charge

Following are some of the most common services that service charges cover:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Lift maintenance
  • Fire equipment upkeep
  • Building repairs
  • Building insurance
  • Building audit fees and more.

Independent Service Charge Allocation Studies By Professionals

A service charge allocation study prepares you for future building management and maintenance tasks. The service charge allocation requires a detailed inspection of the commonly used services provided by a facility. 

Our RICS-certified independent service charge allocation study expert will handle the calculation phase for you. We will take care of service charge allocation for you, and you can get the allocation approved after undergoing a reserve fund study as per RERA regulations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the details regarding the use of service charges are mentioned in the lease agreement. Tenants can look at their tenancy agreement to see the total services, how they are calculated, and where they are used in the building.

There is no specific timeframe for the payment of a service charge. It depends on the lease agreement. Some lease agreements charge on a yearly basis whereas some get service charges more frequently.

The service charges are most commonly paid by the tenants. In some cases, landlords are responsible for paying the service charges.

Service charges are paid as per the timeline set on the lease agreement. Most commonly, service charges are paid on yearly basis. Some lease agreements are more flexible and allow for payments after every 3 or 6 months.