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Reinstatement Valuation Experts in Dubai

Looking for reinstatement valuations in Dubai? You are at the right place. Land Sterling offers comprehensive reinstatement valuation services to determine the amount for which property should be insured. 

Reinstatement valuation is an intrinsic part of the property valuation process. A property valuation report includes details regarding the reinstatement valuation as well.

Land Sterling has a team of certified chartered surveyors with expertise in commercial and residential reinstatement valuation. Our experts will determine the amount for which you need to insure your building so that you won’t have to worry about reinstatement costs in case your property gets destroyed. 

Reinstatement Valuations | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

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What is the Reinstatement Cost for Real Estate?

The reinstatement cost is the amount of money that is needed to rebuild a commercial or residential property from scratch. Whether a building comes down because of an accident or you plan on rebuilding it yourself, the reinstatement cost would be the amount of money you’d need to pay for the rebuild. 

Land Sterling offers professional reinstatement valuation services for properties in Dubai, UAE. Our RICS-certified professionals specialise in reinstatement cost analysis for all kinds of properties. 

Why is It Important to Get Reinstatement Value for Your Property?

The primary reason for getting a reinstatement valuation is for insurance purposes. When you plan on buying an insurance plan for your property, you want it to cover the maximum damage. And the best way to estimate that would be through a thorough reinstatement valuation. 

Our staff will inspect your property and the assets available in it. Based on the insights gathered from the inspection, our team will give you a reinstatement figure that you can use as a baseline for getting the insurance plan. 

Accurate Reinstatement Value Analysis

The cost of construction materials and labour keeps on increasing every year. You need to periodically review the reinstatement valuation to ensure that you keep updating your insurance to match the increase in construction costs. Our team at Land Sterling uses a future-oriented approach when doing the reinstatement valuation analysis. This approach enables us to give you a reinstatement figure that would work for you for many years to come. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to learn more about our reinstatement valuation services in Dubai. Or book a call to get a free quote for commercial or residential reinstatement valuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reinstatement costs include everything from clearing out the place to rebuilding it as well as the reinstallation of the building equipment.

You can get in touch with Land Sterling to get an estimate for the reinstatement valuation for your property.

Reinstatement valuation enables you to learn about the amount that you need to set aside for building insurance purposes. In case your house gets destroyed, you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend to rebuild it from scratch.

The market value is the amount for which your property would sell on the real estate market. The reinstatement cost on the other hand is the amount that you’d need to rebuild your home in case it gets completely destroyed.