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Facilities Management Consultancy in Dubai

Land Sterling Facilities Management Consultancy Services takes the strain out of running your support services and frees up your time and money to concentrate on what matters to your company.

Using our expertise and market knowledge, we deliver an efficient, professional service that is individually tailored to your needs and reflects your corporate objectives and ethics. Our facility management consultancy experts specialise in hard and soft FM solutions, and they offer professional advice to help you improve the well-being and productivity of people living in your facility.

What is Facilities Management Consultancy?

In property management, facility management is about planning, building, and maintaining facilities in a building. Managing a residential or commercial facility includes more than just equipment management and maintenance. It is about providing support to the people and helping them meet their goals. 

Land Sterling has a team of certified professionals who will consult you through each step of the way during the facility management process. Our consultants will offer you expert advice tailored to your specific facility management goals and requirements. 

Facilities Management Consultancy | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

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Why Choose Our Facilities Management Consultancy Services?

We offer practical and value-driven facility management solutions that help you get the best return on your real estate investment. From design to technical as well as cost and facility audits, we cover a wide array of services that will help you save time and money on facilities management. 

We understand the importance of having a clear understanding of what our clients want from us. We take our time to listen to your requirements to ensure that we understand what you are looking for in terms of consultancy. 

After that, we assess the implementation challenges and come up with an execution framework that helps us deliver the best results in record time. 

We take pride in our facility management services as we have been able to help a lot of our clients with their facility management projects with our 14+ years of industry experience. 

Facilities Management Consultancy Services:

FM Design Services

  • Building operational issues
  • Cost-saving elements
  • Maintenance issues
  • Missing elements required for FM operations
  • Project operating cost at the design stage
  • Value engineering options
  • Project capital replacement plan at the design stage
  • Generate FM BOQ
  • Handicap readiness assessment
  • Identifying conflicts in leased areas
  • Generating Schedule of areas
  • Facilities maintenance consulting

FM Cost Services

  • A detailed study to reduce operational costs in a building
  • Building whole life cycle costing
  • Service charge allocation and modelling
  • Reinstatement cost valuation
  • Reserve fund study

FM Technical Services

  • A detailed study to reduce operational costs in a building
  • Building whole life cycle costing
  • Service charge allocation and modelling
  • Reinstatement cost valuation
  • Reserve fund study

FM Technical Services

  • Building defects investigation & analysis
  • Feasibility studies for civil, architectural & MEP
  • Measured and BOQ verification service
  • Building life span study
  • Witnessing testing & commissioning
  • Scope preparation for outsourced services
  • Lighting lux level measurement
  • Sound level measurement
  • Thermal imaging
  • Airflow measurement
  • Structural testing via 3rd party
  • Dampness testing

FM Audits & Evaluation Services

  • HSE audit
  • Performance measurement of service providers
  • Tenant satisfaction surveys
  • FM service delivery gap analysis
  • Civil & MEP inspections and snagging
  • Building completion audit to identify snags & remedial cost
  • Building condition audit to identify all major defects with cost estimates

Energy Management Services

  • Conducting ASHRAE Audits
  • Developing ECM’s
  • Developing waste reduction and recycling programme
  • Developing a Sustainability action plan

FM Transition Services

  • Managing the handover process from construction to FM operations
  • Witnessing of Testing & Commissioning
  • Verification of closeout documentation
  • Providing FM training
  • Setting up FM SOPs

FM Mobilisation & Restructuring Services

  • Developing FM operational manual
  • Defining FM specifications & SLAs
  • Developing FM tender document
  • Developing FM strategy document
  • FM tender evaluation

FM Market Research

  • EMEA coverage
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Market sise and forecast
  • Market Risks

Custom Facilities Management Consultancy Services 

We understand that every facility is different. You can’t use the same template for every facility when it comes to offering facility management consultancy. This philosophy is at the forefront of our services, and it guides us on the journey to create practical, efficient, and effective facility management solutions for you. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to get a quote for your facility management consultancy project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facility management helps improve the productivity, safety, and operating order of people living in the facility. Facility management consultancy helps create a viable and efficient environment for all parties involved in running a facility.

Asset performance assessment is an important part of facility management. The best way to determine the performance of an asset is to look at its Return on Asset (ROA) value. ROA is calculated by dividing the net income reported by the use of assets by the total number of assets at work.

EAM stands for enterprise asset management. EAM consists of software, systems, and services that are required to maintain operations assets and equipment.

APM stands for Asset Performance Management. It includes concepts such as data capture, integration, and analytics which are used to improve the reliability of assets.

The idea behind facility management consultancy is to offer facility managers advice to enhance the efficiency of the equipment and services in the facility. Facility owners can benefit a lot from the advice offered by facility management consultants to cut down costs and enhance productivity for their facility.

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