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Building Innovation Solutions Company in Dubai

In line with Land Sterling’s strategic vision to be future ready and play a key role in shaping the built environment in UAE & the larger Middle East market, “Building Innovation Solutions” (BIS) has been set up, which will seek to explore, identify and source innovative technology & AI driven solutions with ground breaking applications for building & infrastructure sector.

Our Building Innovation Solution division focuses on integrating latest building innovations and smart technology into the existing built operating environment which facilitates the migration of your conventional built environment to a smart built environment. The division provides strategic solutions to aid our customers in energy and efficiency improvements.

We employ a collaborative and interactive approach to consider every possibility to deliver superior excellence and real time cost savings. Our focus is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that are pocket friendly and deliver high return on investment.

Our Building Innovation Solutions strength lies in our knowledge and holistic and innovative approaches that are easy to understand and provide real time solutions to the customers. Our team of experts provides our customers with solutions such as robotic support, early system failure prediction, AI based energy saving solutions, fleet management and many more.

Building Innovation Solutions | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy