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Asset Register Compilation & Creation Company in Dubai

Creating an asset register is the first step toward effectively managing assets owned by a business. An asset register contains important information regarding assets owned by a business to keep track of their availability and maintenance. 

Land Sterling is a leading asset register compilation and creation company in Dubai offering asset register creation to industries across UAE.

We have a team of trained professionals who specialise in creating asset registers for large-scale commercial and residential projects. Our Asset Register Compilation and Creation services involve conducting a thorough analysis of the available assets for accurate data gathering and compilation.  

What is an Asset Register?

An asset register is a comprehensive list of all the assets owned by a business. The asset register contains useful information regarding the asset including its purchase date, location, condition, and depreciation value. 

The asset registers accurately store and maintains the financial and non-financial information regarding the owned assets. An asset register proves to be helpful when it comes to the identification and the verification of assets in case of internal or external audits. 

Asset Register Compilation | Land Sterling

Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

Head of Business & Strategy

Importance of an Asset Register for Businesses

The primary use case of an asset register is to find the current status of an asset, its procurement date, location, price, depreciation, and the current market value. It helps streamline the transparency of data regarding all the assets owned by a business. 

Businesses can use the asset details provided in the register to schedule asset maintenance. The insights provided by the asset register can also help determine the current value of an asset at any given time. 

Who Requires an Asset Register?

Our industrial consultancy team has immense experience creating a new asset register.

  • Owners Association and Community Managers
  • Facilities Management Firms
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Asset Managers
  • All Businesses

Reasons for Having an Asset Register

  • Keeping an accurate record of assets
  • Be able to track assets for maintenance, repairs, and replacement
  • Be able to identify assets by description, location, category, and asset number
  • To allocate assets with barcodes or asset numbers
  • Estimating monthly & annual depreciation of assets for accounting purposes
  • Facilitate transfer of asset data into Asset Management and FM software
  • Manage assets throughout their life cycles

Accurate Asset Register Creation Service in Dubai

Land Sterling has a reputation in the market as being the best asset register compilation and creation services provider in Dubai, UAE. Our asset register creators spend a considerable amount of time conducting a thorough survey of your assets before creating the register. Being thorough is one of the primary features of our services and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our asset register compilation and creation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

An asset register should have details such as the barcode, asset name, description, purchase date, purchase amount, department, residual value, and depreciation rule.

An asset register offers detailed information regarding all the assets owned by a business. Asset owners can use the asset register to keep track of sensitive information regarding available assets.

An asset register includes the complete model, make, and a serial number of the asset. It also includes the physical condition of the asset within the premise. Along with that, it contains other important information needed for its accurate record keeping.

Maintaining an asset register is about continuously updating it as you acquire new assets. You can hire our professional services for accurate maintenance of your business asset register.