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Professional FM Design Services in Dubai

Facility design is an important aspect of the facility development process. An intuitive facility design can help streamline the facility management and maintenance processes for building owners. 

At Land Sterling, we offer professional FM design services where we help develop unique, yet effective facility designs with minimal building operational issues. 

We specialise in simplifying complex facility design issues while keeping in mind the cost-saving elements and value engineering options. Our innovative facility design solutions will help you get the best design options for your building that you can implement to create a robust yet flexible design for your facility. 

FM Design Services | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

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Expert Facilities Management Design Services

The primary aim of facility design is to reduce building operational issues. Since facility design holds the key to the entire facility layout, you need to exercise due diligence during the design stage to avoid maintenance issues in the future. 

As a facility management consultant, we understand the importance of having a smooth and efficient operation within your facility. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive guidance throughout the design stage.

Our staff will walk you through the potentially missing elements required for FM operations that need to be covered during the design stage, including those specific to your needs as a facility management consultant.

Our experts will give you an estimate of the project operation cost at the design stage and will suggest ways to maximize the use of space, enhance safety, and create a smooth flow of operations between different parts of the facility. With our extensive experience in facility management, we also help with Handicap Readiness Assessment, Identifying Conflicts in Leased Areas, and Generating Schedules of Areas during the facility design stage.

Why Choose Our Facility Management Design Consultancy Services?

Minimise Building Operational Issues

Our facility design solution follows a future-oriented approach where we develop designs that will help reduce building operations issues post-completion. 

Cost Saving Strategies

Our experts will give you a complete cost analysis based on value engineering options that will help you save money in the long run.  

Project Capital Replacement Plan

We will give you a complete project capital replacement plan at the design stage which will include a list of all the important building components such as doors, roofs, windows, HVAC systems, and more. The list will include the replacement costs for all these facility components.

FM BoQ Generation

Our experts will generate the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) document for your facility design and development project. The document will entail the quality and quantity of work required to complete the entire project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facility management design refers to designing a facility in a way that helps streamline facility management processes for building owners. Along with that, the purpose of facility design is to help property owners find ways to make the facility more efficient and productive for all parties involved.

An effective facility design helps minimise building maintenance issues post-construction, makes maintenance easier, and maximises the usage of facility resources.

Common types of facility management processes include asset management, emergency preparedness, workplace and employee wellness, project management, and building management.

Facility management ensures that there are no operational issues in the facility that might prove to be counterproductive for the occupants. Facility managers ensure that the workplace runs smoothly, the residents are safe, and the overall quality of life inside the facility is good for everyone.