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Land Sterling’s experienced construction management team understand what it takes to ensure the successful delivery of a project. We use our expertise and knowledge of the entire project life-cycle to develop and implement sound strategies. Our internal business management tools have received the prestigious seal of approval from the CIOB, with the Chartered Institute of Building granting us Chartered Consultancy status. These strategies are translated into clearly defined project controls which Land Sterling applies to monitor contractor performance, with strict reporting, KPI’s, and critical path analysis.

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Safety is of paramount importance to Land Sterling and we cultivate a safety-first policy through the entire supply chain for the full project duration. Our construction management team promotes a zero-LTI environment and implement robust incident-reporting procedures. We maintain regular site inspections, and undertake regular audits of all contractors, operatives, safety plans, and control systems.

Land Sterling will prepare a detailed Project Implementation and Execution Plan. We also provide project dashboards, which work in conjunction with our KPI’s and Risk Registers, and assist with monitoring and steering projects. This provides our clients with early warning mechanisms and ensures timely and cost effective risk mitigation. We provide a full suite of project documentation for inspections, approvals and reporting in order that our clients have the full confidence and engagement of project stakeholders and that the project remains on track. Our planners track critical path and produce S-Curves and resource loaded programs as required.

In collaboration with our international supply-chain network, we can assist with scheduling and procurement of all loose furniture, fixtures and equipment, including all specialist areas. Our services further encompass the management of installations, and full coordination with the base-build works.

BIM Implementation – DELIVERY STAGE
Land Sterling maintain the use of BIM technologies beyond the design production stage, extending the benefits into cost-management, programming, and on-site delivery. Model-based cost estimating can significantly reduce time in the quantification process and add a higher degree of accuracy to the estimates, further allowing our commercial team to focus on higher value risk factors across each project. Schedules can be planned more accurately and communicated exactly. We can implement 4-D construction planning simulations, which assist with project logistics and provide quick and effective visuals to demonstrate actual v proposed progress at site. Land Sterling’s delivery team utilise cloud-based applications to enhance our on-site monitoring procedures – allowing us to access real-time information to assess drawings, models, and installations. We promote BIM usage throughout the delivery supply-chain, with instantaneous production information and 3-D capabilities able to optimise and enhance control, accuracy and eventual build-quality. Maximising the number of team members using real-time collaboration within a single document repository reduces risks associated with outdated information – making sure the right information is available at the right time. The wealth of information stored within the model is also invaluable for ongoing building operations beyond completion. An accurate, ‘as-built’ digital record of building information aids and simplifies FM operations for the entire lifecycle.

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