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Expert Building Energy Audits in Dubai

An energy audit is a detailed inspection survey of a property to understand and optimise the use of energy for running different facilities. The primary idea behind energy audits is to identify issues in the energy flow to minimise energy wastage as a result of day-to-day operations. 

Land Sterling is an expert building energy audit services provider in Dubai that specialises in conducting thorough energy surveys to optimise the usage of energy and improve the energy efficiency of a facility.

Our energy audit experts will help identify potential areas of improvement in terms of energy consumption that you can work on to reduce your energy cost and maintain an efficient flow of energy for a longer period of time. 

Benefits of Energy Audits for Residential & Commercial Properties

A thorough energy audit helps make the facility more energy efficient. One of the aims of energy audits is to identify potential energy-saving opportunities in your building that you can work on to manage your building in a more efficient way. 

If you own a big facility, chances are you are wasting a lot of financial resources because of unnecessary energy losses. An energy audit can help you identify these areas that need your attention and can give you a roadmap for the things you can do to maximise energy efficiency. 

Building Energy Audits | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

Building Energy Audit ASHRAE Levels 1 & 2

Our energy audit experts specialise in the ASHRAE energy audit standards to identify and classify the areas of energy efficiency in a property. Our experts have extensive experience in doing ASHRAE level 1 & 2 audits for commercial and residential real estate.

ASHRAE Level 1 – This is the most basic energy audit, and it is the beginning stage of the audit process. At this level, our energy auditors will do an onsite visit and conduct interviews with the operating staff for the facility. They will also look at the utility bills and other data regarding the use of energy in the facility. A preliminary report is generated at this level that highlights the major energy wastage issues. 

ASHRAE Level 2 – After analysing the insights gathered from the initial analysis of the ASHRAE level 1 audit, our energy auditors will propose energy-efficient corrective measures that you can take to make things better. 

The report will include the feasibility analysis in terms of finances as well, for the proposed solution. The purpose of this level is to provide details regarding the implementation of the energy efficiency solution proposed by our experts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an energy audit process that involved an inspection of a building’s energy efficiency to find potential areas of improvement to reduce energy wastage.

Energy audits aim to provide you with better solutions for managing your energy usage. These solutions have the purpose of reducing long-term energy costs at their heart. So, considering the long-term benefits, energy audits are worth the money.

The main purpose of an energy audit is to identify energy efficiencies in a building so that you can get rid of them to save expenses on unnecessary energy loss.

It is recommended that you go for energy audits for your building every 2 to 3 years.