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Building Condition Surveys - Civil, MEP, Structural & Facade

Land Sterling’s Building Condition Survey provides a multidiscipline, independent appraisal of an asset or property to help you make the right decision during the ownership of the property. Our team of experts undertakes a systematic review and analysis of the asset or property. A meticulous report is then generated and provided with detailed information on the condition and design of the property, the suitability of the property for its intended use, any future cost commitments and potential operational issues.

E.1.b Building Condition Surveys civil mep - Land Sterling


  • Enhances the client’s information and knowledge aboutthe building to improve decision-making for purchasing, selling, maintaining or improving the property to meet statutory requirements
  • Ensures the building is maintained properly by the current FM or building management
  • Identifies regulatory or statutory compliance, building code issues or maintenance issues the owner should be aware of
  • Highlights the condition of the property and any defects associated with the property’s civil and MEP assets


  • Banks, lending agencies and government institutions to ensure the protection of their investment
  • Building owners to assist in the review of the performance of their property in order to enhance its value
  • Developers in handing over units to end-users
  • Investors to ensure the viability of their investment
  • Property management companies to ensure their assets are well maintained

Why Use A Chartered Building Surveyor?

Building surveyors are involved in the design, construction and management of real estate assets.

You may have engaged a building surveyor when you arranged to have a property surveyed in relation to purchasing a property.

Other examples of the area of expertise that building surveyors can specialise in are building defects, building regulations & code compliance, dilapidations, condition surveys, health and safety, and project management. RICS is a professional body for chartered surveyors, which includes chartered building surveyors.

RICS sets standards and guidance for surveyors and provides training and continuing professional development opportunities in order to comply with the changing standards and legislation.

Building surveyors have a breadth of knowledge and connections and provide a central reference point for all property related issues. They know about building defects, building design and standards, building regulations, the ins and outs of construction contracts, and every element of health and safety regulations, not to mention how to manage teams of people who each have a role to play.

Building surveyors can – and do – add value to a project through their unique blend of construction knowledge, design flair and property expertise. On top of this, their advice can bring a peace of mind to clients that should not be underestimated.

Building surveyors have strong technical skills, strong people skills and the highest level of integrity. Land Sterling’s building surveying team has a high-level of expertise, academic and professional qualifications, technical competence, and accreditation from RICS and Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), demonstrating a commitment to ethical standards.

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