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Professional Surveying & Mapping Services in Dubai

Land Sterling offers drone-based surveying and mapping services for development projects as well as aerial inspections. Our surveying and mapping services enable you to create a 3D structure for a property based on high-quality photographs captured using drones.

We are the leading property drone inspection services provider in Dubai with services ranging from property inspections, surveys, and mapping. Our drone-based surveys help developers come up with accurate 2D mapping and 3D modelling of real estate to make it easier for you to keep track of the current state of your development project.

Reasons Why Surveying & Mapping Services Are Important

Land surveying is the process of mapping and marking land using mathematical concepts and techniques. The survey data comes in handy during the inspection or development stage of the land.

Surveying and mapping services make it easier for investors to learn about a piece of land before investing in it. One of the primary factors that affect the price of the land is its topographical features. Surveying and mapping via drones help investors look at the topographical features of the land in detail to get a better idea about the condition of the place. 

A detailed Surveying and mapping analysis of land before development can provide you with useful insights when doing development works. Developers can use the results gathered from Surveying and mapping to come up with the right design ideas for landscapes, buildings, and structures that they want to develop. 

Land Sterling has a fleet of advanced drones and licensed drone pilots who handle the entire surveying and mapping process for you. With our surveying and mapping services, you can get accurate data regarding land, faster than manual surveys. 

Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Land Sterling and GIS Drones aim to provide clear-cut Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping services across the UAE and the Middle East.

We are well-versed in drone technology in market developments, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations, surveying, mapping, surveillance, and AI-based drone data analysis and processing, just a few of the services we offer.

At any given time, GIS Drones continue to produce high-quality topographic maps with centimeter-level precision. In addition, because of our high-end surveying drone fleet and a team of experienced licensed pilots, our clients receive their deliverables more quickly, allowing them to make timely decisions about their projects.

Highlights of Our Aerial Surveying & Mapping Services

Quicker Permits:

We will get permits and flying approvals quicker from local civil aviation and defence authorities.

Industry’s Best Drones in Fleet

All our drones are high-end and most advanced, with high resolution & high capacity payloads and cameras for superior data quality.

Speedier Data Acquisition

Our team of experienced drone pilots and survey-grade drones collect aerial data more efficiently and faster.

Accurate Data Processing and Delivery

Our experienced data processing and engineering team process and analyse the drone survey data to deliver our projects on time.

High Accuracy Measurement Results

We check the deliverables thoroughly and process them with the best practices to achieve the highest accuracy in every project.

Start to Finish Support

Our services and support are available from “Start to Finish” of a project to all our clientele, helping them make the best decisions in their project with the delivered data.

Aerial Surveying

Our aerial survey drones include built-in or attachable cameras and sensors. They are equipped with RGB cameras that take pictures of the land from the nadir and oblique angles. The built-in computer stores the images with geo-location information so that all images will have the geo-referenced metadata stored.

We use high-resolution cameras and LiDAR payloads on our aerial survey drones. And we operate them using a Smart Remote Controller to fly and record video. Aerial Photogrammetry Software facilitates the creation of applicable three-dimensional models that can be manipulated and put to other use.

Aerial Mapping

Surveyors prefer aerial mapping with drones because it is faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ground mapping. GIS Drones use multispectral or RGB cameras and essential LiDAR sensors in every Aerial Mapping project.

Photogrammetry is a method used by drones equipped with RGB cameras to take several images of the ground from various perspectives.

It is possible to use aerial survey drone software to tag each photograph with its coordinates. Then, the photos are stitched together from various viewpoints to create 2D and 3D maps with high detail and accuracy.

Applications of Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Construction Industry

Drone surveying ensures every detail of the construction project process is under monitoring. In addition, it helps to take proper mitigation steps if necessary.

Land Surveying Industry

Our drone cameras and sensors compiled the minute land features to prepare the most detailed images of the surveyed area.

Real Estate Industry

Marketing and listing a property is more manageable with all-around drone imagery and videos. It saves time and cuts down the listing period.

Mining Industry

Estimating the probable resources, safe mining processes, and rescue operations become easy when drones play the role of a watcher and detector. Therefore, an essential value of drone services for the mining industry is Volumetric and stockpile measurement.

Inspection Industry

Whether you are inspecting a food processing or petrochemical plant, monitoring every process is the key. And drone inspection makes this convenient for you.

Forestry Industry

Drone imagery gives you an idea about average growth and any abnormal demise of trees. The surveys also ensure there is no illicit activity in the forest.

Agriculture Industry

Roads and bridges are vulnerable to wear and tear. Only drone technology can keep a constant eye on them.

Roads & Bridges

Roads and bridges are vulnerable to wear and tear. Only drone technology can keep a constant eye on them.

Emergency Management

Fraction of a second matter during emergency management and drone images can make the operation overwhelmingly successful.

Firefighting & Rescue

It’s vital to know where the fire is worse and where to put the maximum effort for rescue. Drone thermal videos and images help you with every detail to make the optimum decision.

Marine Habitat Mapping

Drone bathymetry surveys tell you about the water depth and underwater features and give a picture of habitat patterns. This information can help fishing and habitat conservation.

Maritime Industry

Drones survey provides vital information about the safest route and possible shifts in current, tides, and water patterns.

Oil & Gas Industry

Smooth operations in the oil and gas industry depend on the timely detection of any spill or malfunction in the processing units. This prevents the downtime of Oil & Gas operations, saving millions of dollars.

Security Industry

Drones are like your eyes in the sky. You can keep constant surveillance on your facilities from anywhere in the world.

Mapping, Modeling & Digital Twin

Add an extra dimension to inspection and data visualization. Land Sterling uses a GIS Drone that relies on industry-standard UAVs with a high-resolution camera capable of collecting 20-megapixel aerial images for commercial photogrammetry mapping. We stitch the data together to create a 2D map or a 3D model using still photographs and geo-located metadata to establish their positions and angles.

GIS Drones also offer a digital twin to generate a detailed picture of an object or process. A digital twin is the virtual representation of a system or object prepared using simulations and machine learning from real-time data.  A 3D model of the interior and exterior is simply one part of the whole picture of a digital twin.


This is a top-down map survey built by stitching hundreds or thousands of digital photos collected by drones. GIS Drones have high-resolution cameras that help capture detailed, centimeter-accurate geo-referenced maps.

We use cloud-based drone mapping software to produce 2D photomosaics in the form of geo-referenced Orthomosaic. 2D orthophotography is used to measure actual distance because it accurately represents the earth’s geographic surface.

Advantages of 2D Mapping

  • It’s faster 
  • Can easily access difficult areas
  • Measurements and models created are more precise and accurate.
  • Production of high-definition aerial pictures
  • Helps in the navigation of large areas
  • Can be used in tracking the before and after of a project, e.g., Construction


A combination of the 2D Orthomosaic and 2D Photomosaic with additional oblique side images leads to the production of a 3D model. GIS Drones use 3D modelling to show topography and the exact landscape contours.

3D modelling is becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations, progress monitoring, and volume measurement of materials.

Advantages of 3D Modelling

  • Offers quick, easy, and immediate results
  • Offers accurate visuals
  • Elimination of field interference 
  • Spot unseen errors
  • It saves money and time

2D Mapping & 3D Modelling Applications:

  • Construction and Real Estate
    • Used for property management
    • Used to monitor project progress
  • Architecture & Engineering
    • Creation of maps
    • Maps are used for getting an up-close layout of a project
  • Inspection Service Providers
    • Inspection of properties and assets
  • Agriculture
    • Uses aerial photogrammetry to create Orthomosaic maps of fields
    • The maps are used to develop remote normalised difference vegetation indices (NDVIs)
  • Land Surveying
    • Used for mapping of properties
  • Power Generation
    • Used to inspect intricate assets and operations.


Digital twins are high-quality representations of real-world objects. In addition, it provides real-time data on how the system is working. Virtual representation has commercial uses because it combines the digital and real worlds. Their in-depth data enables you to make smart, real-time judgments.

Digital twins make it easier for organizations to work together, anticipate issues before they arise, reduce downtime, and open up new possibilities. In addition, using digital twins enables you to simulate a problem and test a solution on a computer rather than in the real world. Similarly, computer software can simulate a variety of prototypes rather than building a physical one. As a result, financial resources and the workforce are conserved.

GIS Drones use aerial survey sensors to collect real-time data and rely on leading machine learning software to generate digital twins of any object or process of your preference.

Advantages of Digital Twin

  • Component level – focused on a single, highly critical component within the manufacturing process.
  • Asset level – creating a digital twin of a single piece of equipment within a production line.
  • System level – using a digital twin to monitor and improve an entire production line.
  • Process level – looks at the whole manufacturing process from product and process design and development to manufacturing and production. It also applies to distribution and the use of the finished product by customers/patients throughout the entire life cycle and for the development of future products.

Get in Touch with Us for Professional Surveying and Mapping Services

Land Sterling has a team of certified chartered surveyors who specialise in aerial and on-ground inspections. We offer aerial surveying and mapping services using state-of-the-art drone technology. With our surveying and mapping services, you can keep track of your development project in a much easier and simpler way. Our expert surveyors will guide you through the surveying and mapping process to ensure 100% transparency.  

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for surveying and mapping services in Dubai, UAE. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveying and mapping is the process of determining the position of points on the surface of the earth and measuring the distance, directions, angles, and elevations between these different points.

Aerial surveyors use drone technology to conduct an aerial survey of a property or land. The purpose of the survey is to get photographic data for the project for audit or inspection purposes.

Aerial mapping is used to survey land that is otherwise impossible or impractical to survey while being on the ground.

Surveying and mapping utilises advanced technologies like GPS, drone surveys, and 3D laser scanning for accuracy and efficiency.

Drone mapping is faster and more convenient than the traditional means of surveying and mapping. Mapping via drones costs less money and the turnaround time is much better as well.