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Best DLP Management Services in Dubai, UAE

DLP stands for defect liability period in property management. It is the time period after the completion of the development project to find outstanding defects in the property during the post-handover phase. 

Land Sterling offers DLP management services where we help property owners find defects in the property after practical completion. The developers are obligated to fix the defects identified during the terms of the defect liability period.

Our job is to provide property owners with a detailed overview of the defects present in a property after its completion. We conduct a thorough inspection of the works done in a facility to find any kind of defects that might be present in the building. We report the defects to the developers on your behalf so that they can fix them before handing the property over to you. 

DLP Management | Land Sterling

Ololade Lawal MRICS

Associate Director – Building Consultancy

What is DLP Management?

The Defect Liability Period or the DLP in short is a time period that starts right after the practical completion of a construction project. The timeline for DLP can range from anywhere between 12 to 36 months, depending on the established contract. 

Land Sterling offers DLP management services to property owners to make it easier for them to identify and manage defects in a property. Our services range from conducting thorough inspections for defects, reporting defects to property owners, and collaborating with developers for the rectification of the defects. 

We have a team of certified DLP management experts with a keen eye for detail. We manage the entire DLP process on the behalf of our clients to take the pressure off their shoulders during and after the completion of a development project.

Benefits of DLP Management Services

Thorough Building Inspection for Defect Identification

DLP management is valuable for property owners as it helps them learn about the defects available in a building after development. The quick identification of defects during the defect liability period saves you from becoming liable for fixing the defects. 

Cost-Effective Defect Liability Period Management Solutions

Our DLP management solutions offer value in terms of enhanced ROI in the long run. We suggest DLP management solutions based on your building management needs. 

Protecting The Interests of Property Owners

The goal of our DLP management services is to protect the interests of our clients. We conduct a thorough survey of the completed project to find any kind of defects that might be available in the property. Property owners can ask the developers to fix the defects and they will be obligated to fix them for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The defect liability period is the timeline that starts after the completion of a development project. During this time, the contractor is obligated to fix any defects that might be found in the building post-completion.

DLP stands for the Defects Liability Period in construction.

Typically, a DLP is about 12 months. It can also be as long as 24 or 36 months depending on the contract.