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What is Property Snagging

Snags in residential or commercial real estate create a bad impression during a property transaction. If a property has major defects, its value is going to be way less than the well-maintained one.

This is where our property snagging, and inspections come into play! We do a complete property audit for finding snags or defects that you should know about before selling or buying real estate. 

Detailed Snagging Report

Our snagging team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to ensure that all defects are identified and the owner will receive a detailed report on the full technical condition of the property.

RICS Certified Experts

With our RICS accreditation, we are uniquely placed to offer professional snagging services at a reasonable price.

Property Snagging and Inspections | Land Sterling

Khalid Qundos

Project Manager

Trusted By The Biggest Developers

Land Sterling is a trusted brand by the biggest developers in the region such as Emaar, DAMAC, Aldar, and other prominent local and international faculties.

Who Needs Snagging

Anyone buying a new build home or a home in the secondary market should consider a snagging inspection. You could argue that if you’re spending anything over AED 500,000 it’s crazy not to! A snagging inspection can also be useful for buying ready built homes or at the 11 month warranty period. Also, if you’ve already moved in and are having snagging issues with your developer then a professional snagging report can help give weight to your case.

Our Inspection Checklist


Electrical Sockets

Heating Systems

Smoke & CO2 Alarms




Doors & Frames



Drives & Paths

External Paintwork

Detailed Inspection Checklist:


  • Wall Levels Within Tolerances
  • Plaster-boarding & Joints
  • Large Cracks & Overuse of Fillers
  • Smoothness & Finish Line


  • Bricks, Mortar & Masonry Checked
  • Application of Sealants Checked
  • Brick Perpend Verticals for Square
  • Stone Sills Checked For Damage


  • Drainage & Water Run-of
  • Manhole Location
  • Damp Course Position/Breach
  • Drive Way, Paths & Patio Surfaces


  • Correct Circuit Protection Devices
  • Correct Earthing Arrangements
  • Socket Polarity Check
  • Zoning Compliance Checks


  • Boiler Flue Inspection
  • Radiators & Heating Pipework
  • Hot/Cold/Mains Pipework
  • Bath & Shower Room Installation


  • Cooker Extractor Flow Rates
  • Bathroom Extractor Flow Rates
  • All Bathroom Overrun Times
  • Drive Way, Paths & Patio Surfaces


  • Drips, Runs & Brush Marks
  • Missing & Thin Painted Areas
  • Overpainting Switches/Brassware
  • General Poor Craftsmanship


  • Scratched Glass & Faulty Seals
  • Misaligned Window & Doors
  • Fire Escape Window Suitability
  • Window Trickle Vent Effectiveness


  • Skirting/Architrave Joinery
  • Hinge & Handle Fitment Check
  • Handrail, Newel & Baluster
  • Tread & Riser Conformity


  • Worktops & Surfaces Inspected
  • Brown/ White Goods Inspected
  • Cupboard & Door Alignment
  • Sanitary-ware, Shower & Screens


  • Wall/Ceiling/Floor Levels Checked
  • Wall & Floor Tile Levels Checked
  • Window & Door Levels Checked
  • Not Square to Eye Levels Checked


  • Vinyl Floor Damage & Fitment
  • Carpet Stains, Damage & Fitment
  • Wood/Laminate Marks & Fitment
  • Floor Tiles Damage & Fitment
Frequently Asked Questions

We usually schedule it a week after confirmation. But depending on the availability and urgency, we can schedule it within the same week.

5 working days after the inspection takes place. But for some clients like Emaar, we deliver within 3 working days.

Our snagging inspection consists of carrying out a thorough visual, non-disruptive inspection of your property. Our inspection includes taking photographs throughout the property and inspecting every aspect of both the structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) components of the property as well as recommendations to rectify any flaws or defects that we find.

Our fee for a snagging inspection covers our first inspection of the property along with a detailed report of all issues found as well as recommended steps to be taken. This includes full civil and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) checks. We also conduct a follow up ‘de-snagging’ inspection after the developer/contractor has rectified all highlighted defects to verify that the property is in good condition.

Hiring an inspection services company in uae ensures compliance with local regulations, quality assurance, and adherence to safety standards. It helps identify potential issues early, preventing costly delays and ensuring the overall integrity of projects or products.