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Property Handover and Takeover Management in Dubai

Property handover and takeover management is a complicated process that can often leave first-time buyers and sellers feeling overwhelmed. The property handover and takeover management require both parties to exercise due diligence so that the transition goes ahead without any problems. 

At Land Sterling, we offer the best property handover and takeover management services in Dubai. Our services can help property buyers and sellers with their handover and takeover management processes by handling the technical and investigative details on your behalf.

What is Property Handover?

Property handover is the process of handing over the property to a concerned party once all the legal conditions regarding the property transfer are met. Property handover can be between a building owner and a tenant, a building owner, and a developer, or between the buyer and seller of real estate. 

Land Sterling offers property handover management services where we help take care of all the transition-related details for you. We start by conducting a property survey to look for snags. Once the inspection is complete, we manage the documentation process for you so that you can complete the handover process without any kind of worries. 

Property Handover and Takeover Management | Land Sterling

Khalid Qundos

Project Manager

What is Property Takeover?

Property takeover or acquisition refers to the process of taking ownership of a property. It involves taking complete control over a property after a legit real estate transaction. We have a team of RICS-certified experts who will guide you through each step of the acquisition process. We follow a transparent approach to property takeover management to ensure that you get your deliverables with 100% peace of mind. 

Why Choose Our Property Handover and Takeover Management Services?

Property handover and takeover involve a number of prerequisites that you need to learn about for a smooth handover. And if you are involved in a property transaction for the first time, keeping track of the minor details can make you doubt your decision. 

This is where Land Sterling comes in! We offer a complete property handover and takeover management package for property buyers and sellers to make the transition easier. 

Visit Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our property handover and takeover management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HOTO audit stands for the handover takeover audit. In property management, a HOTO audit refers to the complete audit of a property and its legal documentation to ensure a smooth property ownership transfer.

The most important thing that you need to handover a property is the property handover form. This form is used by the property owner to start the property handover process.

NOC stands for the No-Objection Certificate. Getting a NOC is a standard requirement for a property transfer in Dubai.

Snagging is an important prerequisite before property handover. It helps identify defects in a property. These defects have a direct impact on the overall price of the property.