Understanding The Different Types Of Project Management Services In The UAE

A wide range of project management services is available in the UAE, including project development consulting, construction management cost consulting, and other related services. 

If you’re looking for project management services in the UAE and would like to know more about the various kinds you may choose from depending on your project’s demands, then this article can help you. 

What is Project Management?

Project management is the process of planning, strategy development, and execution of a project to facilitate its successful completion. 

Project management is an extensive domain that includes everything from team management to resource management, financial management, cost consultancy and management, and more. 

Project management in real estate involves successfully designing and implementing a real estate development project. Project managers keep track of the project processes and streamline communication across teams and stakeholders. 

Why is Project Management Important?

Project management operations have the potential to make or break the successful completion of your project. 

The importance of project management goes way beyond just the execution of the project guidelines. It also involves dealing with project management challenges that come up on the go.

Project management for real estate development operations helps run each part of the development process smoothly, including the construction, team management, resource management and more. Project managers keep the progress on track while ensuring the highest quality standards. 

Project managers are responsible for managing the nuances, allowing the teams to work without worrying about project deadlines, budget constraints, and other unnecessary distractions. 

Types of Project Management Services

1. Design Management Consultancy

Design management consultancy in project management is about developing a design idea and development strategy based on the project specifications. 

Project managers utilise the latest design standards to ensure that you get an optimal design for your project that helps meet your goals. 

Design creation and management consultancy in project management revolve around developing the course of action for design development and its complete execution. 

Once the client has confirmed a proposed design, the development teams start implementing the concept.

2. Construction Management

Construction management in project management is about ensuring the successful execution of the proposed design solutions for real estate projects. Project managers establish construction management teams and monitor them to ensure that they deliver the project deliverables as per client expectations. 

Construction management involves the procurement of the resources needed to complete the project as well as the monitoring of the construction project. Construction management includes establishing project controls, defining risks, and conducting due diligence. 

3. Commercial Services

Commercial project management involves managing large-scale commercial projects to ensure their completion. This type of project management service is ideal for organisations working on large-scale projects with a huge footprint. 

Commercial services in project management include cost consultancy, feasibility analysis, design, procurement, contracting, dispute resolution, project auditing, and more. 

4. Cost Consultancy

Cost consultancy and budgeting are a huge part of a project manager’s job description. Project managers are responsible for conducting a thorough cost analysis and offering recommendations to cut costs while maximising project efficiency. 

Project managers thoroughly analyse the available resource and their usage to identify underutilisation and overutilisation. Based on the resource availability audit findings, project managers propose solutions that serve the client’s best interests. 

5. Fit-out management

Project management services also include fit-out feasibility analysis, construction, and management. Project managers examine the suitability of the fit-outs and provide suggestions to the clients regarding their long-term viability. 

Once the fit-out is ready to be installed, the concerned project management teams oversee the installation and conduct post-installation inspections further to test the quality of the installed fit-out solutions. 

Project managers work with property managers to understand the fit-out requirements before conducting the feasibility analysis. After that, they collaborate with the concerned teams to implement the proposed fit-out.  

6. MEP Services & Sustainability 

Project managers are also responsible for understanding development projects’ mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements. 

Today, project managers are expected to offer sustainable MEP solutions that serve the client’s and the environment’s best interests. 

Project management in terms of MEP services is about proposing and executing sustainable and efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing solutions that offer long-term performance. 

Project managers recommend appropriate MEP solutions based on the project development guidelines and budget constraints. 


Project management services in the UAE are a valuable asset for people who want to start real estate projects in the emirates. 

Project managers have the right tools, experience, knowledge, and connections to succeed in any project. You can either go with a complete project management package or get a dedicated project management service per your project requirements. 

Land Sterling is Dubai’s leading project management services provider, specialising in construction project management. Contact Land Sterling for professional project management and cost consultancy services in the UAE.


Project management is the art of planning all facets of a project to operate in unison. In real estate, it involves overseeing all architectural and construction monitoring processes.

Communication, leadership, and management are 3 important traits you’ll need in a successful project manager.

The cost of project management services varies based on the specifications of each project.

No, they each have a distinct task. Developers handle the teams and tasks associated with the real estate development process. The project manager oversees the development team and every other aspect of the project.

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