The Current State of the Dubai Property Market

Booming Dubai Property Market Expected to Rise Further in 2023

Real estate investors from all over the world are looking for information regarding the changes in Dubai’s real estate market in 2023. Will property prices in Dubai increase this year? Is this the year to purchase a property in Dubai? Well, you will get your answers by reading this article.

Dubai real estate is known for its remarkable skyscraper buildings and the restaurants and shops in them. The developers are encouraged because they will construct some spectacular multifunctional buildings with remarkable architecture and design.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the current state of Dubai’s real estate market so that you can inform about investing in commercial and residential properties in Dubai. 

Dubai Commercial and Residential Real Estate Market Overview 2023

Real estate in Dubai saw a record year in 2022 with soaring property values, and the trend is anticipated to continue in 2023, according to a report, which is great news for landlords but bad news for tenants. Prices and financial transactions shot up because of the quick recovery from COVID-19 and the enhancement of long-time visas and other amenities. 

This resulted in a record-high real estate sale value of $72.2 billion (AED 265 billion) ending in 2022, record-setting and an increase of 61% over the previous years. The value of sales caused by transactions rose by a whopping 77 percent year-on-year, becoming the year’s best record.

Despite being hit harder than ever by the pandemic, many other world destinations, for instance, Singapore and Hong Kong, were closed to guests.

This made the hotels in Dubai essential for attracting tourists to the area. Additionally, it made it a hub for commerce, making the city a popular destination for investment opportunities.

Latest News About Dubai Property Market Trends 2023

Here is our take on the Dubai property market trends in 2023 based on the available data:

Residential Real Estate Market Property Sale Trends

The real estate market in Dubai is poised for significant growth in premium prices per square meter, thanks to several enormous projects currently in the works at the reservation stage. This growth is reflective of broader trends in Dubai’s real estate market, as well as in other areas of entertainment and commercial spaces.

In addition to the boost in value for the Dubai real estate market, these new buildings and amenities will provide owners with distinct services that can further increase their marketable value. For example, state-of-the-art technologies, luxury amenities, and proximity to major attractions will make these properties highly desirable.

Recent data supports this growth trend, with real estate prices experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 5% in 2023 alone. Moreover, the prices rose by 11% in 2022, building upon a significant 21% increase the previous year. These numbers demonstrate the sustained and strong growth of the Dubai real estate market.

Rents Are Increasing in the Emirate

It’s widely reported that the rapid increase in the economic system of the United Arab Emirates prompted many native individuals to downsize by packing up their bags as soaring rents outstripped household income growth. 

Many had to move further away to find affordable properties, making do in condos or cottages.

Dubai’s residential property rents were forecasted to approach record levels in 2023 after spiking to an all-time high in 2022. Demand was so high, and the product was in limited supply.

 Hot Spot for Wealthy Investors

A new trend for 2020 was the rise of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs). These affluent individuals and business owners frequently seek out highly exclusive properties in restricted locations with a high value but limited real estate.

In October, Dubai’s relaxed residency visa regulations enabled ex-pats to set roots in the UAE deeply. 

Dubai is currently offering more than 150,000 golden visas, and the introduction of the mid-October retirement visa has allowed ex-pats in that region to contemplate making it a long-term dwelling seriously. 

Recent legal changes have helped foreign citizens and investors worldwide come ski, invest in the city, and start their families there.

Rising Interest Rates

The Dubai housing market anticipates higher revenues this calendar year and has risen 2.5 percentage points from last year. 

The overall real estate market of UAE has been estimated to gain 60 percent from this year to date. This will impact the average cost of living in the United Arab Emirates by 6%.

According to experts, the effects of higher interest rates on the real estate market in Dubai are expected to vary. In the UK, most individuals with variable-rate mortgages have loans for just a few years. In the US, mortgages are usually fixed for long periods.

Despite the laws of a hike in UAE interest rates, analysts expect Dubai real estate will maintain its growth pace in the future. 

At the same time, high prices will prevent many UAE families from accommodating, which will continue to drive up their overall expenses.

Luxury Properties Will Be in Demand

The demand for luxury villas in Dubai has increased drastically in recent years. In addition, purchase prices have also increased over the years. The market is highly competitive, with more demand for villas than apartments.

The supply of these luxurious villas in the Gulf is not great, with only a handful currently in the marketplace. However, demand has shown to be quite high despite the low levels of brand-new villas available in Dubai.


Real estate properties have increased significantly in Dubai as of late and will keep doing so. The market is expected to rise healthily over the next few years. 

Despite these figures, Real Estate Dubai is expected to become stable down to %4.5 and %3.0 by 2023 and 2024, respectively, and remain in balance.

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Dubai property prices are expected to rise slower in 2023 due to a record-breaking year of sales that witnessed more than 60 percent growth in total units.

Record-setting condo sales and bar stool values were observed in Dubai in 2022, and the trend is expected to continue in 2023.

Dwelling costs are likely to stay fixed in 2023. That is evidenced by the low time to purchase a home in Dubai.

Dubai’s property market surged in 2020 as Dubai business people and wealthy individuals rushed back to luxurious residences that are now accessible, leading to a sector that was sluggish operations since the 2014-15 oil price collapse.

The Dubai real estate market is projected to remain steady in 2023, giving investors a strong inflation hedge.

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Vinodh Mahadevan MRICS

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