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Our services are focused on developing estimates that are value engineered to aid our clients in preparing lowest possible bids and helping them win more projects. Our cost consultants and quantity surveying experts will aid in the determination of specification of materials for your project and then perform a full take off of quantities required, giving our clients peace of mind that the project will be comprehensively costed with the avoidance of variation orders and costly delays to the project.

Our experts have a detailed understanding of construction methods and practices, project management, risk management and commercial management, helping our clients to avoid mistakes that can be made by contractors when pricing works. This service will aid in the provision of progress monitoring and payments. Land Sterling will deliver simplicity, fairness, speed and accuracy to the BOQ process

BOQ Services | Land Sterling

Sunjay Shanker

Director of Project Management

Frequently Asked Questions

BOQ stands for “Bill of Quantity.” It is a detailed document used in construction and engineering projects to provide a comprehensive list of all the materials, labor, and other resources required to complete the project. The BOQ serves as a roadmap for contractors, suppliers, and project managers to understand the scope of work and the associated costs involved in the project.