How Snagging Lists Can Help New Property Owners?

What Are Snagging Lists For New Property Owners?

A snagging list is a compilation of all the snags present in a newly built property. A sang represents all types of interior or exterior defects. The list is generated by an independent service provider, which sends an experienced surveyor to inspect the property.

The purpose of a snagging list is to not take any chances. As per reports, 95% of newly built houses have flaws. With a Snagging list, a buyer can ask the builder to rectify these mistakes. So that you get a ready product with no shortcomings. 

What Do Snagging Lists Include?

There isn’t any universal format for a snagging list. The contents vary depending upon property type. A small building like an apartment has a shorter snagging list as compared to a house because of its size. Different snagging companies in Dubai have their own surveying and inspection method, this too results in a unique list each time.

However, there are certain snags which are an integral part of any credible list. The surveyor should inspect the interior and exterior of a property and look for these issues.

  • Structural/Design Issues: These snags relate to strength of structure and overall design of the building. The surveyor finds songs in structural material, orthogonal angles, roof design, piping and utility layouts. 
  • Conformity to local building codes: It analyzes the property as per local codes and applicable building standards. For UAE residents, the building has to comply with municipality building code and UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice.
  • Settlings: They are the issues which occur once the installed material settles down. It includes tiles, paints, window seals, etc.
  • Material Quality: The quality of steel, cement, concrete, wood and other building material is a critical element of snagging. It determines the durability and long life of your house.
  • Pending Work: A good list should point out the pending or any unattended work.
  • Aesthetics: A snagging should also comment on the contemporary style of the property. A new build should have modern style and attractive looks.

If you want a property snagging on these principles, reach out to Land Sterling for visiting your site across the UAE.

How Snagging Lists Help New Property Owners?

For new builds, a snagging list is invaluable. For a small amount of money, you can analyze your new home, which for most people is the biggest expenditure of their lives.

Here are the ways in which snagging lists help the new property owners.

Property Checks 

Let’s be honest, real estate is a specialized field. Irrespective of our ego, we should understand that only the experts can thoroughly investigate a property. That’s why it is recommended to enter the legal contract only when the snagging is complete.

A snagging survey provides the desired professional input. The surveyor inspects the building from every angle and gives his/her report. It ensures that the property is in prime shape with no pending work or flaws. 

Prevents Additional Expense

In the practical world, not a single newly built property is free from snags. If a snag is grave, like a damaged roof or poorly managed sewerage system, then the repair can be a burden on your pocket.

With a snagging survey, you can take preemptive measures. Once the surveyor highlights these issues, you can ask the builders for necessary action before paying the contract price.   

Ensures Safety

A home is where you feel safe. Imagine moving in a home with poor construction quality and sub-standard building material, it is a constant risk. The result of any such misfortune will be unending repairs and mental stress. In severe cases, the local authorities can take strong action as well.

A snagging list takes care of any such possibility. In the report, a credible organization gives assurance that your house is in accordance with all the local and international safety standards.   

Snag Rectification

Once you have a snagging list, you know all the flaws of your new property. With this information, you can strongly follow up with the builder for rectification. Also, once you communicate the flaws in written form, there isn’t any risk of miscommitment.  

The builder has to respond on every point. You should only move forward once you’re completely satisfied. For an average house, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to remove the snags.

Peace of Mind

A snagging list removes any uncertainty and stress associated with moving into a new place. As a buyer, you can share your reservations about the house with the surveyor beforehand. During the survey, he will look at all the key aspects to ensure that everything is on-point. 

After snag rectification, you don’t have to pay for any repairs or pending works either. In this way, a snagging list brings much needed peace to the new property owners.


A snagging list is invaluable for new property owners. It provides complete information about the present flaws and pending work. After knowing which, the owner can condition the builders to resolve these issues.

The key for that is to hire a seasoned professional. Land Sterling provides the premium surveying facilities in the UAE. With experience of working on more than 10,000, we can inspect any property as per the international snagging standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to carry out a snagging survey?

It depends upon the property type. The survey of a 2-3 bed apartment requires 3-5 hours while an average house survey can be done in 1-2 days.

How many snags can occur in a new house?

The average number of songs in a new house are between 130-150. The snags vary depending upon location, size and installed systems.

What are the typical charges of a snagging survey?

The charges of a standard snagging survey are about 1500 AED for an average apartment and around 3000 AED for a house.

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