Cost of Real Estate Consultancy In Dubai

What is the cost of real estate consultancy in Dubai? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then keep on reading this article till the end.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Dubai but don’t know where to start, then you can definitely benefit from the insights of an expert real estate consultant.

Real estate consultants allow you to make the most educated decisions about your property that ensure you get the best deals and that there are no risks or complications involved in the transaction. In this article, we are going to discuss what is a real estate consultancy and how much it typically costs to hire such a service in Dubai so stay with us.

What is Real Estate Consultancy?

It is a service that offers investment advice to clients that want to buy or sell a property. They develop a foolproof investment plan for their clients by keeping in mind their long-term financial goals.

After considering things like current project developments, locations, floor plans, developer reputation, and market supply and demand trends, real estate consultancies allow you to come up with better investment decisions.

These consultancies also aid in finding the best promotions from developers, negotiating prices that favor their clients and securing the best interest rates. All these things provide peace of mind to the buyers as well as sellers that they are making the right choice.

Cost of Real Estate Consultancy in Dubai

Most real estate consultancies work on a commission basis. This commission is paid when handing over the keys of the property to the new property owner. Generally, for a property worth AED 2 million you have to pay about 4% commission which is about AED 80,000. This amount is split between the agent and the agency.

The prices may vary based on the property size, type, and current market conditions. However, most consultancies are more likely to charge same as above based on your property’s features and your specific needs.

Is Real Estate Consultancy Worth the Money?

Real estate consultancies are quite useful when buying or selling property in Dubai. These services allow you to fully understand the process of buying, selling, and investing. They have a high Knowledge of the real estate market, and they can use that to find you the most suitable investment projects. They can make the real estate buying and selling process stress-free by providing you with the necessary legal services.

This is why, if you hire a real estate consultancy, you are sure to get the best advice about any property that you wish to buy or sell in Dubai and that makes these worth your time and money.

Benefits of Real Estate Consultancy Services

Following are the main benefits of hiring a real estate consultancy

Accurate Property Assessment

They can make the property search process quicker by offering you a comparative market analysis. Their knowledge and experience in real estate help them find the perfect property that meets their client’s needs. They also have a keen eye for locating hefty costs that can be avoided and exploring potential advantages. This allows them to offer an accurate assessment of the real estate you are interested in and that helps you make the right choice.


Real estate consultancies offer complete honesty and transparency. They help you steer away from bad deals that do not ensure long-term financial safety and are not aligned with your goals. They can quickly communicate if something seems fishy about a certain real estate deal so that you do not end up wasting a lot of your time and energy. 

Find Suitable Property Investment Opportunities

Real estate consultancies help you choose the investment that suits your budget, lifestyle, and needs. They can help you find houses, apartments, or offices from which you wish to earn long-term profits. They allow you to choose from a variety of suitable investment opportunities that guarantee the best results.

Better Negotiation

Negotiating a deal that is aligned with your financial aims is another main reason why most people go for real estate consultancies. They can help you structure deals that are more favorable to you and that ensure better profits.

Knowledge of Local Real Estate Trends

Another reason why these consultancies are effective is that they have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the local trends in real estate. They know the current market condition and that allows them to help their clients in making the most appropriate property decisions.

Helpful Throughout the Property Purchase Process

These consultancies are quite useful when buying property in Dubai since they help their clients at every step along the way. They help them choose the right investment plan, negotiate the deals, and provide documentation as well as legal due diligence. All this makes the property buying experience stress-free and less risky. This is why it is highly advised to go for such a service when buying any kind of property.


So, this is all you need to know about a real estate consultancy. Now you know how much such a service costs in Dubai and what are some of the major facilities that they offer their clients. Hiring such a service can help you avoid any mistakes that can cost you a fortune when buying or selling real estate. We really hope you find this information useful, and we wish you lots of luck in finding the best real estate consultancy in Dubai as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These consultancies work on a 4% commission basis.

The job of a consultant is to advise their clients about certain real estate investment activities and opportunities while a real estate agent helps in buying or selling property.

These consultants offer legal services, documentation, negotiation, property assessment, and information regarding the investment process.

These Individuals can help you get the hang of the real estate investment and offer useful insights that can eliminate any financial risks while buying and selling.

These firms offer services that ensure you find the best real estate property with minimum risks. They offer professional advice and guidance to their clients who are new in the real estate business.

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