Cost of House Snagging in Dubai

Everyone dreams of a house in the City of Gold, Dubai. However, before taking out the cash, you need to learn about house snagging, and its cost in Dubai.

What is House Snagging?

In simple words, house snagging is the visual inspection of a newly built house to determine the quality of work. The surveyor inspects the interior, exterior, tiles, woodwork, and flooring to detect any flaws. The snagging should be done either before an agreement or within the warranty period.

Currently, Dubai has become a hotbed for the real estate residential sector. Right now the Emirati is among the top 4 high-performing residential cities across the globe. The market is also expecting a 2 % growth in 2023, which will be the highest in the world.

So, if you can buy the right house, you are likely to get a good return. House snagging ensures that the product is as per standards.  

Why is House Snagging necessary for you? 

As an investor or an ordinary citizen, you don’t know about the nuances of real estate construction. It involves knowledge of contemporary land laws, building safety codes, structural elements, workmanship, and modern trends. Due to this, you should only hire experienced service providers for house snagging.

The house snagging highlights these key elements:

  • Work Quality
  • The defects (snags) present in current work.
  • The Pending work
  • Suggestions for improvement 

A snagging report discusses all of these points. After which, you can ask the builders to resolve these issues to get your home in the best condition.

How to Choose the Right Snagging Firm?

Your home is likely to be the most expensive investment in your life. You can’t leave its visual inspection on a layman. You should set specific criteria and choose a company accordingly.

In this section, we will provide a few tips to choose the right snagging firm.

  • The first thing is relevant experience. Check their portfolio and previous work in the region.
  • Go to the internet and look for customer reviews about the snagging firm.
  • Ask the firm to share their previous snagging reports. Based on that, you can judge their approach toward the task at hand.
  • Check their equipment and services. Modern companies are using drone roofing and advanced AI-based techniques for snagging.
  • Ask them to provide solutions. Pointing out the flaws isn’t enough.

If you ask for proof of these five things, you can find a quality snagging firm. However, the best option is to contact Land Sterling. Land Sterling has been UAE’s top real estate consultancy firm for the past 14 years. Our experienced surveying team can visit any site in Dubai for house snagging. 

What does Land Sterling Offer in a snagging survey?

Since snagging is a visual inspection, most companies treat it like a complimentary visit. However, Land Sterling follows a snagging checklist, which includes a detailed inspection of an entire building.

The checklist is generated depending on the property type. The inspections vary for an apartment, house, or luxurious villa. For an average house, the inspections are divided into the interior, exterior, and utilities. The building material, strength, and durability of each are scrutinized.

The exterior includes a roof, garden, outer walls, front looks, and garage. The exterior is about rooms, floors, washrooms, kitchen, stairs, etc. And lastly, in utilities, we inspect electricity, piping, natural gas, heating system, and cooling systems. After that, you can move into your new home without worrying about unfinished or poor-quality work.

What is the cost of house snagging in Dubai?

The cost is dependent upon two factors.

  • property type
  • a number of snags. 

An apartment ranges from 1 to 3 bedrooms while an average house can include 3-6 bedrooms. With the increment in the number of rooms, the time required for an inspection and variables change. For an apartment, the average cost ranges from 1500-2500 AED. For houses, it is between 2500-4000 AED. All the fees are paid in advance.

If the house contains excessive snags, the fees can increase because of a possible second visit. The quality of service also contributes towards the cost. The firms with established names and premium quality charge more than newbies. 

However, there are a lot of variables. For the exact price, you should seek a formal quotation from a snagging service provider directly. After that, you can negotiate and finalize the details accordingly. If you want to buy a new residence in Dubai, click here for its house snagging.  

The Takeaway

House snagging is an irreplaceable part of buying any residence. It scrutinizes your place from all angles and ensures that there aren’t any loopholes. So you can enter the home in peace without stressing about the replacement or repair work. The key to that is to hire a worthy surveyor. 

Land Sterling provides the most experienced house-snagging team in Dubai. Our experts have hands-on experience on projects like Dubai Islamic Bank and Burj Khalifa. Contact us to visit your house in Dubai and all of UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to carry out a snagging survey?

The time for a survey is dependent upon the property type. For an apartment, it takes roughly 2-3 hours. While for a complete house, it requires 1-2 days to complete the snagging survey.

How many snagging inspections should be done on a property?

There isn’t any need for extensive surveying. You should have either one or two snagging inspections. They are enough to check and improve the quality of work.

What is the ideal time for house snagging?

The best time is before making the legal agreement and signing the contract. So that, you know what you are getting. Moreover, you can do it after 2 years of signing, which is the general warranty period.

Khalid Qundos


Khalid Qundos


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