Authority Coordination for Transfer of Title Deeds

Authority coordination for transfer of title deeds refers to a consultancy’s capacity to supervise property transfers and related documentation before the client proceeds with the project.

At Land Sterling, we ensure that our consultants’ skill, professionalism, and other desirable qualities are visible before you agree to any purchase. An application for a transfer must be made first to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) via one of its trust offices in Dubai.

A valid power of attorney in the UAE must be used to appoint a duly authorised representative to appear at the trust office on behalf of each party to the transfer. The parties sign the necessary DLD forms and give the necessary manager’s checks to pay the DLD transfer fees and register the domain name.

Transfer Of Title Deeds In Dubai

The civil code states that property cannot be transferred between parties unless legally registered. Further, property rights cannot be established, moved, or changed without being recorded in the property register.

Dubai real estate law, the title deeds granted by the government are considered valid proof of property rights. Generally, the following procedures must be followed for the property to be transferred and recorded in the UAE.

Due Diligence

To ensure that the seller has full authority to sell the subject property. Property due diligence often includes reading over the title paperwork, physically evaluating the property, and, if practical, looking over the property register.

Term Sheet and Sale Contract

Term sheets or memoranda of understanding outline the key terms of the contract as agreed upon by the parties and are typically entered into by the buyer and seller. The term sheet is typically contingent on the successful conclusion of sufficient due diligence. It is often only effective for a brief period, up until the signing of the sale contract.

The sale agreement must include information on the property, the buyer and seller, the terms of payment, the applicable law, the purchase price, the resolution of disputes, and a termination clause. A sales contract template should be used if the authorities have provided one, along with an annexure outlining the additional provisions. you can get more information by visiting building & facilities consultancy

Why Choose Land Sterling

Our goal at Land Sterling is to serve as a one-stop shop for all registrations related to property transfers. Our priority is to give you a superb service that is reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. By providing the best property project management services in Dubai, we aim to become industry leaders.

With over 14 years of experience in Property project management and having delivered 10,000 projects and counting, feel free to contact us today for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “real estate transfer” refers to the exchange of ownership of a piece of property, such as a house or a piece of land, between two or more persons.

The real estate projects may be mortgaged to acquire a loan from banks or legally recognized finance organizations, provided that the mortgage’s value is put in the project’s escrow account to ensure that the deposited sums are handled legally.
When the real estate project is finished, the bank and developer will commit to seeing that the buyers have met their contractual commitments to the developer and have the title deed in hand.

Government pensions, military, naval, and air force stipends, and those associated with civil prisoners are personal rights that cannot be transferred. According to the general law of transfer of property, any kind of property can be transferred from one person to another.

A competent individual needs to transfer property. Further, they must be a major or not legally barred and of sound mind. Lastly, the property must not be transferred before the title is conveyed.

The following legal documents are necessary to sell any immovable property or transfer home ownership: pictures of the buyer and seller taken recently, copies of the two parties’ National Identity Cards (NICs), and the seller’s original title document proving ownership.

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