ABCs of Drones in Construction Management

In construction, progress monitoring has a series of possible solutions and what we do is discover which of them are highly successful, and steer you away from those that are not. This is to make sure that you don’t waste your time, and money, on a solution that is of no benefit to you.

It’s As Easy as ABC

A is for Aerial – This covers drones and all the solutions we have for aerial data capturing: imagery, thermal, contours, digital surface models, digital terrain models, and so on, drones being ideal to capture large areas for a large development or infrastructure project.

This is basically a tool that can capture and deliver data that is entirely comparable to a survey or mapping of a site – and here’s the real benefit – we do this in a matter of hours to days when with traditional methods, you are looking at weeks to months.

Aerial data capturing has entirely revolutionized the construction, surveying and civil engineering industry, creating accurate results much faster, far cheaper, and with better data.

B is for Building Information Modelling (BIM) – and we can create this using a simple handheld device, basically a smartphone and an app using this, you can simply walk around your site capturing images and data that will create the models in a platform by just uploading them.

For example, you’ve scanned a feature, such as a trench, you can then quickly create a model of it that is fully scaled and ready for measurements, volumetric calculations, and so on, and if you are looking for higher grade accuracy or GIS mapping, then it’s simple to add an RTK sleeve to the device and again simply tap to upload data to the portal. The best bit? The app is free, so you really have no argument against trying it out.

C is for Crane Cameras – Now, while we are primarily a drone company, we do have a series of compatible solutions that can fully integrate on the same platform.
The Crane Camera is a very simple concept. Instead of a drone flying above your site, we use the same camera in tandem with other technology and attach this to the crane. As the crane moves, it captures all of the site data which it then simply uploads to the platform.

That’s it, the A B C solution – Aerial, BIM and Crane Cameras, through which data can be exported to any design program of your choice and to which the floor plans of your building can be added as an overlay to compare with construction progress.
This is where you can spot errors in construction fast, perform calculations, take measurements, and check material quantities and so on. The list of benefits is huge for both you and your organization.

A B C offers a complete solution. For a larger site, we would use a drone for capturing data, the RTK iPhone sleeve for a small area or internal space, and finally the crane camera for high-rise towers. Three different solutions to match your site’s specific needs and ensure success.

This means with our solution, we have you covered no matter what the project may be, backed by a reliable platform that handles all the data. You can then review this data from your laptop or even phone, having ready access to actionable data – anywhere, and at any time.

How does drones change construction management? The answer is simple – Contingency Fund Loss Mitigation.

We have worked closely with many of the world’s leading companies that are using this system, and even if we ignore all the other benefits, and there are many, the one that always rises to the top is: avoiding costly reworks and site mistakes.

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Imagine that your contingency fund losses are AED 25m for a site. The reported reductions on contingency costs from our clients are 12 – 25%, which represents an amount between AED 3m and 6.25m saved – per site. If you have a series of sites, 5 for example, that’s a minimum saving of AED 15m for the company.

In addition, there are huge amounts of time efficiency savings for the business, and for all of these benefits, we take care of you from start to finish, including training on the platform to support you as and when you need it. In short, your success is our success.

Our team prides itself on being able to offer solutions that are of real, quantifiable benefit to you, and after a tough year, the bottom line is simply this: who doesn’t want to save several million Dirhams per site across their business?

Mohammed Shawky


Mohammed Shawky


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