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FM Transition

Transition from Contractor to FM Services

When it comes to managing the equipment and services in a facility, you can either hire independent contractors or you can go with FM services. A greater number of businesses are now undergoing FM transition because of the features and benefits that this services management model entails for business owners. 

FM Transition | Land Sterling

Land Sterling offers FM transition services for businesses looking to move from contractors to holistic facility management services. Facility management helps business owners save themselves from the hassle of managing contracts for the services required for running the facility.

A facility manager acts as a bridge between the facility and the services that it needs to stay efficient and productive. The facility management service handles all the contracts on your behalf while ensuring that you get the best return on your investment.  

Professional FM Transition Services in Dubai 

Land Sterling offers expert FM transition services in Dubai where we offer our clients help in managing the handover process from construction to handover operations. 

We offer assistance with witnessing testing & commissioning, along with the verification of close-out documentation. And not just that, we also offer specialised FM training along with guidance regarding FM SOPs setup for facility owners. 

How to Make a Smooth Transaction from an Independent Contractor to FM Services Provider?

Step 1: Plan the Transition

This is the initial step for the transition from contractors to FM services which includes a detailed analysis of the risks and opportunities regarding the transition. 

Step 2: Determine Transition Costs

In this step, the FM services company offers a complete report regarding the transition costs which includes details regarding the allocation of costs for key expenses along with overhead costs. 

Step 3: Implement the Plan

The transition plan implementation can take time between a few weeks to a few months. It depends on the length and complexity of the transition. 

Get in touch with Land Sterling to learn more about our FM transition services. You can get also contact us to get a free quote for your transition project.


FM transition helps building owners get rid of the hassle of handling individual contracts for facility services. A facility management team ensures that your facility stays functional and productive for a long time.
A facility manager has the responsibility to handle all the contracts for services needed to keep a facility running. The manager oversees details such as maintenance, security, and the availability of basic facilities in the building.
Property management is about the ownership of a property whereas facilities management involves the procurement and management of services delivered in a facility.
Some of the most common facility maintenance activities include HVAC maintenance, security system maintenance, equipment, and fixtures maintenance, and any other task related to facility maintenance.
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