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FM Mobilisation & Re-structuring

FM Mobilisation & Re-Structuring Consultancy in Dubai

FM mobilisation & restructuring is the starting point of FM transition from independent contractors to a facility management services provider. Once the initial risk-reward analysis for the transition is established, the mobilisation & restructuring phase of the transition comes into play.

Land Sterling offers expert FM mobilisation & restructuring services where we provide building owners with a complete transition roadmap that they can follow to make a smooth transition.

FM Mobilisation & Re-structuring | Land Sterling

Our FM mobilisation experts will handle all the documentation process for you including the creation of the FM operational manual, defining FM specifications, creating FM tender documents, and more. 

What is Mobilisation in Facility Management?

The mobilisation process in facility management refers to the period of FM transition. Once the transition plan is set in place, the mobilisation timeframe kicks in that encompass the overall progress of the transition. 

Our RICS-certified experts help building owners design their FM transition plans and offer recommendations to implement those plans most effectively. 

Benefits of Our FM Mobilisation & Re-Structuring Services

Developing FM Operational Manual

You need a plan of action to manage a large facility to ensure that it keeps running with maximum efficiency. We will develop a complete FM operational manual using the industry standard practises to help standardise the management and maintenance operations in a facility. 

Defining FM Specifications & SLAs

We will help map out the facility management specifications for different services in the facility, along with a service level agreement. Our drafted SLA will include service specifications along with their key performance indicators to set performance criteria for the services. 

Developing FM Tender Document

We will handle the creation of tender documents for any kind of services that you might need to improve the quality of services in your facility. Our experts will craft valuable tender documents that will help your facility with its services procurement needs. We also offer FM tender evaluation services for active tenders. 

Developing FM Strategy Document

We will create a detailed FM strategy document for your facility which will include details regarding the standard facility operations, services, and maintenance costs. The strategy document will act as your guide during the mobilisation period. 

Contact Land Sterling to learn more about our FM mobilisation & restructuring services. 

Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your FM mobilisation & restructuring needs.


FM mobilisation involves the project management phase required to complete the planned FM transition.
A mobilisation checklist in facility management is the series of actions needed to implement an FM transition. Building owners and facility managers use the mobilisation checklist to ensure that the transition process goes as smoothly as possible.
A mobilisation schedule refers to the schedule of activities that need to be completed during the mobilisation phase by the facility manager.
Mobilisation is the transition period for the FM transition execution. This process can be quite challenging and often intense. Mobilisation management services ensure that the mobilisation phase delivers the kind of results that the client wants after the completion of the transition.
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