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What is property snagging in Dubai real estate?

Snagging is the systematic process of evaluating a property to identify if it has any need for repairs or existing defects that the contractor or developer might have overlooked. Snagging in Dubai is meant to protect investors and buyers from the burden of shouldering the responsibility and costs of fixing issues that the contractor or developer should have remedied before the property handover.

Land Sterling is a professional snagging company that provides high level property snagging services in Dubai for an extensive and diverse portfolio of residential, commercial and corporate properties. Our company has specialists who meticulously inspect properties for snags, such as:

  • Faulty sockets and/or wirings
  • Broken door hinges and window latches
  • Incorrect material used
  • Scratched, cracked or broken floor boards and tiles
  • Poor paint job or finishing
  • Leaking pipes or broken valves
  • Holes or bumps in the ceiling
  • Uneven/patchy cement
  • Improperly hanged shelves, cabinets, or mirrors

How can our snagging company help you?

Our objective for providing expert snagging services is to empower real estate investors and property buyers in rightfully getting what they have paid for and to guarantee that the contractor or the developer they have engaged has properly done their job.

As soon as a buyer signs on the handover documents and gets the keys from the developing or contracting company, they are accepting total responsibility for the property – this means they will need to shoulder expenses for defects that they may discover following the property handover and the Defect Liability Period.

Identifying the snags at an early stage allows buyers or investors of properties to ensure that the developer or contractor will be accountable for remedying any issues, as they have previously agreed, and with no additional costs.

If you require a more thorough and comprehensive examination of the building or apartment you are buying, we recommend doing a full inspection service as it includes assessing factors such as foundation, structural integrity, mechanical, electrical and plumbing amongst other things.

If you require more information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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